11002629_10155277531915397_6725309077159858566_nWhile southern Saskatchewan endured its most turbulent snowstorm so far this winter, Greg, Annie and Peter did their best to keep things warm during the 10-Hour Firearms Safety Course today at the Regina Cabela’s.

According to the nearby Regina airport’s data from a mile down the Lewvan, officially the City of Regina received 8 centimetres of snow. At the end of the day, a check of the parking lot revealed chaotic driving conditions as daylight faded. Many cars were trapped in two feet of snow due to the 70km/h gusts, and the storm was rough enough to merit a short shutdown of Highway 11 due to zero-visibility.

That’s all it takes around here to end up with disproportionately large snowbanks; a little snow but a LOT of wind.

None of that stopped our students from studying and passing their tests, even though there was no love for them from the Valentine’s Day weather outside afterwards. Well done to them all!

For what it’s worth, Arnie at Cabela’s puts the blame for this squarely on snowboarders and skiers who have been praying for fresh powder. Although there’s been a lull in the amount of falling snow around here until very recently, it’s possible that he’s on to something this week if the forecast for more snow holds.

From all of us to all of you this Valentine’s Day,
Your friends at RGSL!