RGSL moved to Google Reviews in 2017. Here are some of the positive comments & testimonials that former students left for us before that switch.

Finished the Non-Restricted course on Saturday. Hunting for some 40 years now but forgetting to renew my PAL I had to do the course :/ This is going to be boring …… Farthest thing from it!! Annie and Peter did a fantastic job on keeping it very interesting and entertaining. They know their stuff… Thanks again. -Ron N., Moose Jaw SK, September 25th 2017

It’s a great course. I learned a lot – a lot of knowledge about handguns that I didn’t know. I highly recommend this course. -Andy M., Regina SK, July 28th 2017

Peter and Dagan are both very competent instructors. The class covered a lot of ground, and we took away the most important parts of Firearms and Firearm Safety. The material was easy to absorb, even for a beginner. The instructors took their time to ensure everyone was following properly, all questions were answered. Even though I did have previous firearm experience, I felt 100% more knowledgeable and capable at the end of the course. Very much looking forward to part two, Restricted. -Terry A., Regina SK, November 15th 2016

Awesome course and awesome instructors. Looking forward to taking the Restricted course. -Narize J., Regina SK, November 8th 2016

RGSL Staff, I am just getting back home after attending the Restricted firearms class this afternoon, and I would like to take a moment to show my appreciation to the staff. All-in-all the gun safety that you present is very well done, and instruction by everyone is exceptional. Thank you. -Kevin I., Regina SK, October 29th 2016

Did the PAL and the Restricted. Well run and these guys know their stuff. -Darin B., Regina SK, October 1st 2016

Peter couldn’t have made the course more enjoyable. Recommend it to anyone. ★★★★★ -Luke M., Vancouver BC, September 26th 2016

Great guys good course. The instructors are very informative, they make learning very fantastic. -Umer K., Saskatoon SK, September 10th 2016

I have completed both the Non-Restricted and Restricted courses. Very thorough courses. Lots of information. Well laid out and taught. -Jimmy J., Yorkton SK, September 9th 2016

I took this course great course, the Hunter Safety Course is also a good one, be safe out there. -Darryl J., Moose Jaw SK, September 7th 2016

@ReginaGunSafety Really enjoying the course. Socially responsible and informative. Really exceeds my ‘snooze fest’ expectation :-) I recommend! –@snstevenson, Twitter, August 27th 2016

Excellent courses and terrific representation of our current firearms laws. -Dale P., Regina SK, August 19th 2016

Awesome people who make sure you understand what your responsibilities are! -Durand F., Amulet SK, August 18th 2016

I didn’t know what to expect, but it was very good, very informative. -Brian G., Regina SK, July 24th 2016

I came in with a lot of gun experience, but I still learned lots! -Darrell W., Regina SK, July 24th 2016

Very helpful, thank you. I’ll be signing up for one of your courses today, your knowledge so far has been amazing and I now feel comfortable taking this course. -Kyle H., Regina SK, July 6th 2016

I would agree 100%. I took the Non-Restricted and Restricted classes as well, the instructors were very informative and made sure everyone was on top of every lesson at hand. I would recommend these classes for anyone who is interested in getting their PAL’s! -Justin W., Estevan SK, June 22nd 2016

I want to thank RGSL for a great class. I took both the Non-Restricted and Restricted courses (Saskatoon, June 4th and 5th 2016). I went in knowing absolutely nothing about guns, and came out more confident and knowledgeable about how they work and how to be safe around them. Not having any gun handling experience in the past can make this experience very nerve-racking, but all the instructors were very patient and knowledgeable. The gun handling opportunities with the instructors allowed me to feel more comfortable with the handling of the guns, especially the Restricted ones. Their patience letting me PROVE the guns safe over and over again with their guided help definitely instilled confidence. Much needed in a class like this!! Thanks so much Peter, Annie and Dagan! It was a great class and I would recommend anyone wanting their gun license to talk to you guys! -Kelsie L., Saskatoon SK, June 21st 2016

Awesome instructors. Very well informed. They answered all of my questions without hesitation. If you need your firearms license this is the way to go. Excellent job Peter! -David M., Regina SK, May 24th 2016

This is a great course, there’s nothing like it. -Jeff S., Regina SK, May 8th 2016

You guys are really great teachers, you sure know your stuff. -Lesley S., Regina SK, May 8th 2016

Probably one of the most informative and amazing experiences I’ve had. I highly recommend RGSL to everyone. Myself and two of my good friends have taken their courses and they absolutely blew us away with how well they have their courses put together. Good job guys!!! -Geoffrey C., Saskatoon SK, April 26th 2016

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot. You guys are amazing – do you teach any additional courses?! -Matt D., Regina SK, April 17th 2016

Really great course, you guys nailed it. Had a lot of fun! -Jason H., Regina SK, April 16th 2016

It was good, very informative! -Kathie C., Regina SK, April 9th 2016

You don’t know how much you’re missing until you’re done. There is a lot to it. -Ben P., Regina SK, April 9th 2016

Hey guys and gal. Thank you for the great class I took with you at Cabela’s in Saskatoon. It was very informative. -Darcy R., Saskatoon SK, March 23rd 2016

It was a lot better than I expected. I thought it would be boring, but you guys are really knowledgeable! -Cynthia D., Regina SK, March 19th 2016

This was a fun learning experience. Awesome, amazing! -Rahul S., Regina SK, March 19th 2016

The course was very informative, I learned more about bullet types and chokes. Impressed. -Murray T., Regina SK, March 19th 2016

I was nervous coming in, but you guys covered everything. Great job. -Devin R., Winnipeg MB, March 12th 2016

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming in, and this ended up being an awesome course. -Jennifer O., Peachland BC, March 12th 2016

Great course! -Vickie P., Halifax NS, March 12th 2016

Great course and amazing instructors! Very helpful and provide a great hands on experience to get you more familiar with firearms! -Dustin D., Saskatoon SK, February 13th 2016

I was really impressed with the Non-Restricted course. There was a lot more information to process than I expected, and I really appreciated the professionalism of everyone there. -Mark W., Regina SK, February 1st 2016

The Non-Restricted course I took was very well presented! Great content and held my attention. :) -Shannon G., Moose Jaw SK, January 11th 2016

Now I have everything I need for my application. I would just like to thank you and RGSL for helping me towards my firearms safety certifications. -Stirling R., Regina SK, November 20th 2015

Gotta agree. I had different instructors for each course, and they both were amazing! I definitely recommend these courses for content, knowledge, instruction and safe handling. I’m a fan! -Annetta M., Regina SK, November 19th 2015

Amazing instructors! Learned so much information about gun safety. Really nice and approachable! Cannot wait to register for another session, but this time with the Restricted course. :) -Geraldine I., Regina SK, November 16th 2015

Excellent instructors!!! I just call them as I see them, your commitment to safety – and you truly BELIEVE in your subject. Refreshing to see in a teacher. -Randy B., Regina SK, November 3rd 2015

Great course and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get their firearms license. I did mine a couple of months ago in Regina Cabela’s and now have my PAL just in time for hunting. The instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks guys. -Craig Y., Regina SK, October 23rd 2015

Thanks and again I really enjoyed your course presentation. -Marcia P., Saskatoon SK, October 18th 2015

Great group of young energetic instructors who obviously love teaching! -Len P., Saskatoon SK, October 17th 2015

Took this course today. Awesome instructors, very informative. If you need your PAL sign up with these guys and gals! -Aaron M., Regina SK, September 19th 2015

Thank you for the wonderful training you provided. I learned a lot and I have begun my desensitization towards firearms. -Melissa W., Regina SK, August 26th 2015

Once again thanks for making this clear and as easy as possible, I think many people are discouraged by the red tape. -Peter W., Regina SK, August 24th 2015

Great course. Material was presented in an efficient and timely manner. Instructors were friendly and helpful. ★★★★★ -Patrick H., Regina SK, August 12th 2015

Hello Annie and team: loved the approach to the course on Sunday. Thanks for your patience, as this is all new to me. -Lorelei J., Regina SK, July 22nd 2015

Hi everyone! I had a very awesome experience in the Non-Restricted class… Thanks a bunch. -Lara A., Regina SK, July 17 2015

Your course in Saskatoon in April was excellent! -Keaton S., Saskatoon SK, June 28th 2015

Worth your time and money, great for novice and experienced shooters! ★★★★★ -Joanna K., Regina SK, June 4th 2015

I just finished this course. Awesome. Instructors super knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend. -Lynette W., Regina SK, May 24th 2015

Thanks again. You guys do a great service to the people of this province. -Cory S., Regina SK, May 8th 2015

I’ve taken the gun safety course last spring and very much enjoyed it… Thank you. -Justine H., Earl Grey SK, May 6th 2015

Your business clearly holds customer service in high regard. Thanks again for your time! -Drake C., Regina SK, May 3rd 2015

I took your course a couple months ago and enjoyed it! I wasn’t very familiar with the content, and your course made it easy to follow along, learn and pass the tests! Thanks guys! -gymgal19, Reddit’s r/Saskatchewan, May 3rd 2015

Hello Dagan, Annie and Peter. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I thank you for sharing your expertise. You run a tight ship, and you are all very good teachers. Thanks again for your time and attention. I’m super excited to learn more about the rifles, and learning how to shoot. -Chandra F., Regina SK, March 20th 2015

Great guys and a great course! I would recommend it to anyone interested! -Evan A., Lumsden SK, March 7th 2015

Good morning. I recently took the PAL course for Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms. Thanks, again, to Peter et al., for a lively and informative course. -Peter C., Regina SK, February 18th 2015

I just want to say you guys did a great job on the course, and my buddy thought so as well when he took it. So continue doing the good work and spreading the word to get people licensed… Anyways, have a good one and know that your course is great information, I enjoyed it! -Luke U., Regina SK, February 15th 2015

Thanks for all your help today. -Ryan W., Regina SK, February 13th 2015

Thanks Peter for providing a much-needed service. Great job! All the best for 2015! -Dustin C., Regina SK, January 13th 2015

Great course! If you want to do your license for Non-Restricted or Restricted firearms, great place to do it. Very helpful and they know their stuff. -Christina L., near Regina SK, December 13th 2014

You and your team are very thorough with what you do. Lots of stuff to cover and at times it was overwhelming to me, but you are very good with trying to calm people down and are gentle in your testing. I really enjoyed the day and have promoted it to others. -Pauline R., Regina SK, November 4th 2014

Regina Gun Safety & Licensing. I highly recommend them. Fantastic bunch of guys, it’s worth it man. Handguns are bloody expensive but if you buy quality you’re set for life. -Robert S., Regina SK, November 26th 2014

Thanks for teaching everyone about firearms safety! –Regina Police Service (Social Media), Regina SK, October 30th, 2014

Love it!! -Mike B., Regina SK, November 1st, 2014

My daughter just took her PAL (and Restricted) course at RGSL and it was excellent. One day to go from no PAL to all the training and testing needed for the Restricted PAL! You still have to get your passport picture and submit the paperwork to the RCMP. I recommend RGSL. -Gary C., Regina SK, September 25th 2014

The RGSL website is immensely helpful. -Jeremy C., Regina SK, September 24th 2014

RGSL is where it’s at ladies and gents! -Matt T., Regina SK, September 23rd 2014

I recommend taking this course. It is a very good course taught by very knowledgeable people. -Larry E., Kronau SK, September 23rd 2014

I took the training with you and finally got my license… Thanks again for an awesome training. -Jayper S., Regina SK, September 3rd 2014

I applaud you. In a barrage of irate gun activists that responded to my piece, you are a breath of fresh air and reason. Need many more of you! -Tsach Gilboa (author), The Good Men Project, Los Angeles CA, August 28th 2014

Thank you for a great course yesterday! -Terry L., Regina SK, August 16th 2014

Go through these guys. -Justin B., Regina SK, August 15th 2014

Awesome course with great instructors. Took it 2 weeks ago and now just waiting for my PAL. -Dan G., Weyburn SK, July 5th 2014

Definitely worth taking both (Non-Restricted/Restricted) at the same time, that way you don’t have to pay the government twice. That’s what I did. -Colby S., Weyburn SK, July 5th 2014

Good course, great guys! -Jarret T., Regina S