1. It is the student’s responsibility to check off that they have read, understand, and agree to Important Student Information; these Student Terms & Conditions, and Cancellation; No-Show & Refunds during registration.
  2. Student has the sole responsibility to check on his/her own actual eligibility to hold a PAL. RGSL cannot be held liable if students are deemed ineligible for a PAL by the RCMP.
  3. RCMP will charge students a processing fee of $60 or $80 after the course is complete, and once every 5 years. This fee is not included in the course registration.
  4. Students are all registered online using MasterCard or Visa. Once the course has been completed, students are given copies (and advised to take a scan) of their paperwork. Student keeps a copy, and the original is mailed to the RCMP for processing. Instructors will also send forms to the RCMP after the course is complete.
  5. Students will usually receive a confirmation email/receipt with course details, normally at the time when credit card payment is processed.
  6. All students must be 18 on the day of the course. Age 12-17 may attend a Non-Restricted course if their guardian contacts RGSL first.
  7. Students must have an adequate grasp of written and verbal English; and must not be under the influence of any substance, such as drugs or alcohol.
  8. Instructors verify students’ Canadian government-issued photo-ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport) at the course.
  9. Students agree to follow course rules; refrain from using foul or slanderous language; and from harassing other individuals. Behaviour, demeanour, hygiene, and attitude cannot be in any way offensive, threatening, intimidating, unsanitary, or in any other way contrary to the best interest of the venue, RGSL, or the course being taught. RGSL may eject any student who fails to follow course rules.
  10. Students understand and agree to to release and hold harmless RGSL, its officers, other students, sponsoring and affiliated agencies, and the owners and lessees of the premises used; with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property, howsoever caused.