Here are a couple neat finds sent in with initial thoughts on use from Dennis near Indian Head, Saskatchewan. These are some of his first guns.

ISSC MK22 SCAR in .22LR, tan:


“Pretty much made by Steyr, so they’re good guns. Ammo is cheap, but you still get the semi-automatic function. Magazines and the gun itself are somewhat expensive. Recommend multiple magazines because each carries about 20 rounds, but that doesn’t take long to shoot. The sight was from eBay but still works great. Bought it from Prairie Gun Traders in Avonlea, Saskatchewan.”

Lee Enfield Rifle in .303 British:


“This rifle was inherited form my wife’s step-father. He got it from a local family who originally came from Ontario, so I’m not sure where it served but imagine it was originally militia or military. I haven’t shot it too much yet, but noticed already it has less kick than my buddy’s .270 Winchester rifle. It’s supposed to be powerful enough to kill most game.”

Thanks Dennis for the notes and pictures. If you’d like to have your firearms featured in our next write-up, let us know by firing us an email!