RGSL offers two regular services: Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC).

The CFSC is required for a basic gun license. Non-Restricted PAL = possess & use most sporting rifles and shotguns. Non-Restricted guns are for hunting, pest control, and other commonplace uses.

The CRFSC allows for the upgraded second level. Restricted PAL = possess & use Restricted handguns and rifles. Restricted guns must be used only at gun ranges approved by the RCMP.

We teach regular public courses at Cabela’s Regina and Cabela’s Saskatoon, and at our Lakeview neighbourhood classroom in Regina (at the River Heights Mall).

Canadian Firearms Safety Course

$240per student, tax included
  • Non-Restricted CFSC: basic PAL course & testing
  • 8 hours: most sporting/hunting rifles, shotguns and long guns
  • For adults who want to get their basic PAL for access to Non-Restricted rifles and shotguns (incl. all hunting guns)

Restricted Firearms Safety Course

$150per student, tax included
  • Restricted CRFSC: RPAL upgrade course & testing
  • 6 hours: short-barreled guns and additional Restricted regulations
  • For adults who already hold a Non-Restricted PAL (or just took the CFSC course) and want to upgrade

Please register for your Non-Restricted date before your Restricted date, and we will add to your forms from the first course at the second one.

Many students take both course levels for their “full” PAL/RPAL. They then submit their Non-Restricted and Restricted passing grades (“course reports”) together to the RCMP for processing, having completed both CFSC and then CRFSC. Mailing these forms together effectively saves each student ~$60 in fees.

If you have a student aged 12-17, please email us before registering for help facilitating their Minor’s Permit.

Prices do not include the RCMP processing fee students will pay after mailing forms (~$60 or ~$80).

Current Training Arsenal

  • Girsan “Yavuz 16″/Beretta 92FS clone, chambered in 9x19mm. Made in Turkey, black finish, tactical rail, decocking lever, safety switch, loaded-chamber indicator
  • Glock 37, Gen. 3 pistol chambered in .45GAP. Made in Austria, open sight and black finish
  • Charter Arms “Pathfinder” double-action revolver chambered in .22, dark/walnut grips with blued frame
  • Cimarron Firearms “Plinkster” single-action revolver chambered for .22LR, matte-black non-ferrous alloy frame
  • Marlin “Model 1936″ World War II lever-action rifle chambered in .30-30, with Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (Canadian military) markings
  • Savage Arms “Mark II” bolt-action rifle, chambered in .22LR, black synthetic stock & 4×20 magnified rifle scope
  • Ruger “10/22″ semi-automatic rifle, chambered in .22LR, archangel stock with red-dot scope and 10-round BX-10 magazine
  • Norinco 12-gauge 3-inch-max “YL-12″/Ithica 37 pump-action shotgun
  • “Type 56″ Chinese military SKS semi-automatic rifle, chambered in 7.62x39mm Soviet, with aftermarket 6-position adjustable T6 TAPCO composite olive-drab stock
  • New England Firearms 20-gauge 3-inch-max “SB1 Pardner Youth” break-action shotgun
  • Traditions .50 caliber break-action “Vortek UltraLight” muzzleloader, with mossy oak treestand camouflage pattern, recoil pad and thumbhole stock