Here are some items that you may wish to include in your gun range bag/kit:

  1. Safety glasses with shatter-resistant lenses
  2. Ear defenders or muffs for over-ear protection
  3. Ear buds or plugs for in-ear protection
  4. Gloves for hand protection (Mechanix brand in the summer)
  5. First aid/trauma kit with a tourniquet, Quik-Clot, and “Israeli bandage”
  6. LED flashlight
  7. Bore & chamber inspection device such as a Bore-Lite
  8. Gun oil and lubricants
  9. Gun cleaning materials such as paper towl, shop rags, rod, bore brush, and patches
  10. Dummy rounds to test actions (such as A-Zoom Snap Caps)
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Mosquito repellent (!!)
  13. Gorilla tape and/or duct tape
  14. Live ammunition
  15. Paper targets
  16. Stapler to put targets up
  17. Binoculars, rangefinder, or spotting scope
  18. Attachable accessories such as scopes, grips, and bipods
  19. Lead-wipes or wet-wipes to make sure you remove poisonous bullet lead from your hands
  20. Multitool with Allen keys and screwdriver bits, or a leatherman
  21. Container for spent brass casings
  22. Magazine loaders (makes guns like 10/22 easier)
  23. Shooting bag/rifle rest table or shooting mat
  24. In-case-of-emergency card with your range location printed on it (may be hard to remember under stress)
  25. Sharpie markers for identifying old bullet holes in paper targets
  26. Garbage bag for clean-up
  27. Hand sanitizer
  28. Zip-Loc bag including all necessary paperwork (PAL, Authorization-To-Transport, Registration Certificates)
  29. Black circular stickers to cover old bullet holes in paper targets
  30. Spare parts for your firearms
  31. Magazines and clips for your firearms
  32. Anti-fog wipes for eyeglasses
  33. Paper and pen (good for writing down long-range groups, documentation of your sighting-in)
  34. Chronograph to get the velocity of your bullets
  35. Scope sighting tool or laser sighting cartridges