“Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today, May 1, 2020 as the federal government used an Order-in-Council (full transcription of the Gazette at the bottom here) to ban a number of firearms.

Justin Trudeau on April 30, 2020 in Ottawa

Pending a buyback program, prohibitions of over a thousand types of existing guns are immediately in-force for the purposes of sale, transfer, and use of the affected models. AR-15, Ruger Mini-14, CZ Scorpion, Swiss Arms Classic Green, Beretta CX4, Robinson Armament XCR, and Sig Sauer SIG MCX rifles are all affected as are their derivatives. Interestingly there are newly-prohibited devices as well, such as upper receivers for some of these rifles. Those are parts that were generally unregulated before this OIC.

There is a 2-year amnesty, but you can’t do anything in the meantime except for surrender hardware to police, so it makes sense to wait and see what happens in the coming months. It appears that many of the details have yet to be dealt with, and the official releases mentioned a buyback regime to be set up in the times ahead of us. There are questions as to how exactly the Canadian Firearms Program will be able to institute the necessary changes on a large scale with the limited staff they have on hand during COVID-19.

RGSL instructors are waiting for any specific guidance that the CFP/CFO may wish to pass on in light of this situation, but are currently ordered not to run any CFSC/CRFSC licensing courses due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Today our focus is on the Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 154, Extra Number 3. This document outlines the OIC changes and due to high demand on the server today (May 1, 2020), we have excerpted the document for readers below.
These policy changes are sweeping, and the Liberal government has vowed to introduce further legislation in the wake of Canada’s deadliest-ever mass shooting in Nova Scotia. Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to speak with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern today by phone. Ardern served as an inspiration for Trudeau. She successfully lead that Commonwealth country’s semi-automatic gun ban earlier this year after their country’s largest-ever gun massacre was live-streamed on Facebook.

RGSL complies with all directives from the CFO, RCMP, and government/support agencies in order to help keep Saskatchewan safe!

RGSL runs Non-Restricted and Restricted gun license safety courses in Regina and Saskatoon but is currently ordered locked-down for COVID-19. Once open, check out the list of upcoming classes here. 

The content on RGSL.CA is not legal advice – please consult a lawyer for legal advice.


Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted: SOR/2020-96

Canada Gazette, Part II, Volume 154, Extra Number 3


SOR/2020-96 May 1, 2020


P.C. 2020-298 May 1, 2020

Whereas the Governor in Council is not of the opinion that any thing prescribed to be a prohibited firearm or a prohibited device, in the Annexed Regulations, is reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes;

Therefore, Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Justice, pursuant to the definitions “non-restricted firearm”footnote a, “prohibited device”footnote b, “prohibited firearm”footnote b and “restricted firearm”footnote b in subsection 84(1) of the Criminal Codefootnote c and to subsection 117.15(1)footnote b of that Act, makes the annexed Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted.
Regulations Amending the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restricted

1 The title of the Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited, Restricted or Non-Restrictedfootnote 1 is replaced by the following:

Regulations Prescribing Certain Firearms and Other Weapons, Components and Parts of Weapons, Accessories, Cartridge Magazines, Ammunition and Projectiles as Prohibited or Restricted

2 Sections 3.1 to 3.2 of the Regulations are repealed.

3 (1) Item 83 of Part 1 of the schedule to the Regulations is replaced by the following:

83 The firearms of the designs commonly known as the SG-550 rifle and SG-551 carbine, and any variants or modified versions of them, including the SAN Swiss Arms

(a) Aestas;
(b) Autumnus;
(c) Black Special;
(d) Black Special Carbine;
(e) Black Special CQB;
(f) Black Special Target;
(g) Blue Star;
(h) Classic Green;
(i) Classic Green Carbine;
(j) Classic Green CQB;
(k) Classic Green Sniper;
(l) Heavy Metal;
(m) Hiemis;
(n) Red Devil;
(o) Swiss Arms Edition; and
(p) Ver.

(2) Part 1 of the schedule to the Regulations is amended by adding the following after item 86:

87 The firearms of the designs commonly known as the M16, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles and the M4 carbine, and any variants or modified versions of them — other than one referred to in item 47, 49 or 50 of this Part — including the

(a) 2 Vets Arms 2VA-10;
(b) 2 Vets Arms 2VA-15;
(c) Accuracy Systems A-15 Custom Edition LR Tech Tactical;
(d) Adams Arms AA15;
(e) Adams Arms AASF-308;
(f) Adams Arms Multical;
(g) ADC ADC234;
(h) ADC ADC253;
(i) Adcor Defense A556 Elite GI;
(j) Adcor Defense ADC15;
(k) Adcor Defense B.E.A.R.;
(l) Adcor Defense Elite;
(m) Addax Tactical ADDAX-ZK;
(n) Addax Tactical AT-15;
(o) AdeQ Firearms L-Tac;
(p) AdeQ Firearms Paladin;
(q) AdeQ Firearms Venator;
(r) Advanced Armament Corporation MPW;
(s) Advanced Armaments Incorporated M15;
(t) Aero Precision A15;
(u) Aero Precision AP15;
(v) Aero Precision G15 Ghost Gun;
(w) Aero Precision H15;
(x) Aero Precision M4 Carbine;
(y) Aero Precision M4E1;
(z) Aero Precision M5;
(z.001) Aero Precision M16A4;
(z.002) Aero Precision Pistol;
(z.003) Aero Precision P-15 PEW;
(z.004) Aero Precision STS15;
(z.005) Aero Precision X15;
(z.006) Airtronic DMR;
(z.007) Alamo Tactical AT-15;
(z.008) Alberta Tactical Rifle AT15;
(z.009) Alexander Arms AAR15;
(z.01) Alexander Arms AAR15 Beowulf;
(z.011) Alexander Arms AAR15 Beowulf Overwatch;
(z.012) Alexander Arms AAR15 Genghis;
(z.013) Alexander Arms AAR15 Grendel;
(z.014) Alexander Arms AAR15 Grendel Overwatch;
(z.015) Alexander Arms AAR17;
(z.016) Alien Armory UFO-10;
(z.017) Ambush Firearms A11;
(z.018) Ameetec Arms AM-15 General;
(z.019) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Modular;
(z.02) Ameetec Arms AM-15 M4 Tactical Master;
(z.021) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Standard Tactical;
(z.022) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Standard Varmint;
(z.023) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Tactical Predator;
(z.024) Ameetec Arms AM-15 Varmint Master;
(z.025) Ameetec Arms AM-15 9MM;
(z.026) Ameetec Arms WM-15;
(z.027) America Remembers Colt AR15A2 Match HBar Vietnam Commemorative;
(z.028) American Defense Manufacturing UICH;
(z.029) American Defense Manufacturing UIC 10A;
(z.03) American Historical Foundation Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match HBar Vietnam Tribute Special Edition;
(z.031) American Historical Foundation Colt AR15A2 Sporter Target Operation Desert Storm Commemorative;
(z.032) American Precision Arms A15;
(z.033) American Spirit Arms ASA15;
(z.034) American Spirit Arms ASA15 Pistol;
(z.035) American Spirit Arms ASA308;
(z.036) American Spirit Arms Canadian Carbine;
(z.037) American Tactical Imports AT-15;
(z.038) American Tactical Imports ATI-15;
(z.039) American Tactical Imports MilSport;
(z.04) American Tactical Imports MilSport Canadian;
(z.041) American Tactical Imports Omni;
(z.042) American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid;
(z.043) American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid Pistol;
(z.044) American Tactical Imports T14;
(z.045) Anderson Manufacturing AM-10;
(z.046) Anderson Manufacturing AM-15;
(z.047) Angstadt Arms JACK9;
(z.048) Anvil Arms AA15;
(z.049) Area 53 El Capitan;
(z.05) Area 53 El Jefe;
(z.051) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15;
(z.052) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15 MCR;
(z.053) Ares Defense Systems Ares-15 MCR Sub-Carbine;
(z.054) Ares Defense Systems SCR;
(z.055) AR Five Seven AR15;
(z.056) AR Five Seven AR57 LEM;
(z.057) AR Five Seven AR57A1 PDW;
(z.058) Armalite AR-10A;
(z.059) Armalite AR-10A2;
(z.06) Armalite AR-10A4;
(z.061) Armalite AR-10B;
(z.062) Armalite AR-10 KLM;
(z.063) Armalite AR-10 Magnum;
(z.064) Armalite AR-10NM;
(z.065) Armalite AR-10T;
(z.066) Armalite AR-102 Sporter;
(z.067) Armalite M4C Carbine;
(z.068) Armalite M15;
(z.069) Armalite M15A2;
(z.07) Armalite M15A4;
(z.071) Armalite M15A4 T;
(z.072) Armalite M15 Pistol;
(z.073) Armalite SPR Mod 1;
(z.074) Armalite SPR Mod 2;
(z.075) Armalite SPR Mod 2A;
(z.076) Armalite AR-10 Pistol;
(z.077) Armi Jager AP15;
(z.078) Armi Jager AP74;
(z.079) Armitage International BR-15-A6S;
(z.08) Armscorp AC-15;
(z.081) Arms East N8S;
(z.082) Armtech X;
(z.083) Ascend Armory A15;
(z.084) AR15 Chatterbox CB-15;
(z.085) AR15.Com ARFCOM;
(z.086) AR15.Com AR15.Com;
(z.087) AXTS AX556;
(z.088) Badrock Tactical BR10;
(z.089) Badrock Tactical BR15;
(z.09) Bartlett Enterprises 1202009;
(z.091) Barrett Firearms M468;
(z.092) Barrett Firearms REC7;
(z.093) Barrett Firearms REC10;
(z.094) Battle Arms Development BAD-PDW;
(z.095) Battle Arms Development BAD-15;
(z.096) Battle Arms Development BAD556-LW;
(z.097) Battle Rifle Company BR15;
(z.098) Battle Rifle Company BR16;
(z.099) Battle Rifle Company BR308;
(z.1) BCI Defense SQS-15;
(z.101) BCM Rifle Company BCM4;
(z.102) BCM Rifle Company M4A1;
(z.103) Bean Firearms BFC-15A;
(z.104) Bear Creek Arsenal BCA15;
(z.105) Black Creek Labs BCL15;
(z.106) Black Creek Labs BCL102;
(z.107) Black Creek Labs BCL102B;
(z.108) Black Dawn BDR-15;
(z.109) Black Forge BF15;
(z.11) Blackheart International BHI-15;
(z.111) Black Leaf Industries BL10;
(z.112) Black Leaf Industries BL10B Prototype;
(z.113) Black Leaf Industries BL15;
(z.114) Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 10;
(z.115) Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15;
(z.116) Black Rain Ordnance SPEC15;
(z.117) Black Rifle Company BRC15B;
(z.118) Blackwater BW-15;
(z.119) Black Weapons Armory BWA-15;
(z.12) Blue Line BL-15LE1;
(z.121) Boberg CDH-15;
(z.122) Bohica M16SA;
(z.123) BPM BP15;
(z.124) BPM CQB-10;
(z.125) BPM LR-10;
(z.126) Breda B4;
(z.127) Brownell’s BRN-16A1;
(z.128) Brownell’s BRN-601;
(z.129) Brownell’s XBRN16E1;
(z.13) Bushmaster Carbon 15;
(z.131) Bushmaster XM15E2S;
(z.132) Bushmaster XM15E2S Law Enforcement;
(z.133) Bushmaster XM15E2S M4;
(z.134) Bushmaster XM15E2S M4GP;
(z.135) Bushmaster XM15E2S Predator;
(z.136) Bushmaster XM15E2S Varminter;
(z.137) Bushmaster XM15E2S 450 Bushmaster;
(z.138) Bushmaster XM15E2S DCM Competition Rifle;
(z.139) Bushmaster Bushmaster 308;
(z.14) Bushmaster BAR-10;
(z.141) Bushmaster XM15E2S V Match;
(z.142) Bushmaster BR-308;
(z.143) C3 Defense C3-15;
(z.144) Cadex AR15 Karpat SPVM;
(z.145) Cadex CDX-10;
(z.146) Cadex CDX-15;
(z.147) Calguns AR15;
(z.148) Canstar Arms AR 338 Lapua;
(z.149) Cavalry Arms CAV-15;
(z.15) Cavalry Arms CAV-15 MARK 2;
(z.151) Cavalry Arms CAV-15 Rifleman;
(z.152) Centurion Arms C4;
(z.153) Centurion Tactical CT-15;
(z.154) Century Arms C15A1 Sporter;
(z.155) Century Arms C15 Sporter;
(z.156) Century International Arms Centurion 15 Sporter;
(z.157) Charles Daly Defense CDD-15;
(z.158) Chiappa Firearms M Four-22;
(z.159) Chiappa Firearms M Four-22 Pistol;
(z.16) Chirstensen Arms Carbon CA-10 DMR;
(z.161) Christensen Arms Carbon CA-10 G2;
(z.162) Christensen Arms Carbon CA-10 Recon;
(z.163) Christensen Arms Carbon CA-15;
(z.164) Christensen Arms Carbon CA-15 Predator;
(z.165) Christensen Arms Carbon CA-15 Recon;
(z.166) Christensen Arms Carbon CA TAC 10;
(z.167) Clark Custom Guns Gator;
(z.168) CLE MR15;
(z.169) CMMG Mod4SA;
(z.17) CMMG MK3;
(z.171) CMMG MK-4;
(z.172) CMMG MK-5;
(z.173) CMMG MK-8;
(z.174) CMMG MK-9;
(z.175) CMMG MKG-45;
(z.176) CMMG MKW-15;
(z.177) CMT LT-15;
(z.178) Cobalt Kinetics BAMF;
(z.179) Cobalt Kinetics CARS;
(z.18) Cobb MCR;
(z.181) Cobb MCR 30-06 SPRG 100th Anniversary Commemorative;
(z.182) Colt AR15A2 Sporter 2;
(z.183) Colt AR15;
(z.184) Colt AR15 SP1;
(z.185) Colt AR15A2 Match Target Lightweight;
(z.186) Colt AR15A2 Government;
(z.187) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Delta HBar;
(z.188) Colt AR15A2 Government Carbine;
(z.189) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Competition HBar;
(z.19) Colt AR15A2 Match Target HBar;
(z.191) Colt AR15A2;
(z.192) Colt AR15A2 Sporter HBar;
(z.193) Colt AR15 Match HBar;
(z.194) Colt AR15 Sporter;
(z.195) Colt M4 Carbine Match Target;
(z.196) Colt AR15A2 Match Target Target Model;
(z.197) Colt AR15A3 Tactical Carbine;
(z.198) Colt AR15A3 Match Target Competition HBar;
(z.199) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match Target Competition HBar 2;
(z.2) Colt AR15 Sporter Lightweight;
(z.201) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match Target Lightweight;
(z.202) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Target;
(z.203) Colt AR15A2 Government Target;
(z.204) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match Target HBar;
(z.205) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match Delta HBar;
(z.206) Colt AR15A2 Match Delta HBar;
(z.207) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match Target Competition HBar;
(z.208) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Competition HBar Range Selected;
(z.209) Colt AR15A2 Match Target Competition HBar 2;
(z.21) Colt CAR15A3 HBar Elite;
(z.211) Colt AR15 9MM Carbine;
(z.212) Colt AR15A2 Carbine;
(z.213) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Match HBar;
(z.214) Colt Colts Law Enforcement Carbine;
(z.215) Colt C7CT;
(z.216) Colt C7A1;
(z.217) Colt C7A2;
(z.218) Colt IUR;
(z.219) Colt M4 Carbine Sporter;
(z.22) Colt Modular Carbine;
(z.221) Colt M4A1 Carbine;
(z.222) Colt M4 Carbine;
(z.223) Colt SA15.7;
(z.224) Colt SA20;
(z.225) Colt AR-15A4;
(z.226) Colt AR15A4 Lightweight LE Carbine;
(z.227) Colt AR15 M16A1;
(z.228) Colt AR15 Target Model;
(z.229) Colt M4LE;
(z.23) Colt M4 Light Carbine;
(z.231) Colt M16 Rifle;
(z.232) Colt M16 SPR;
(z.233) Colt M16A2;
(z.234) Colt AR15A2 Sporter Carbine;
(z.235) Colt M16A2 Carbine;
(z.236) Colt SMG;
(z.237) Colt Competition CCR Competition;
(z.238) Colt Competition CSR Sporting;
(z.239) Combat Shooters BMF;
(z.24) Conquest Arms CA-15;
(z.241) Core Core-15;
(z.242) Cross Machine Tool UHP-15;
(z.243) Cross Machine Tool UHP15A;
(z.244) Cross Machine Tool UHP15H;
(z.245) Cross Machine Tool UHP15-PDW;
(z.246) Cross Machine Tool UHP15SSA;
(z.247) Cross Machine Tool UHP-10;
(z.248) Dalphon BFD;
(z.249) Dane Armory DAR-15;
(z.25) Daniel Defense DD-15;
(z.251) Daniel Defense M4 Carbine;
(z.252) Daniel Defense DD MK762;
(z.253) Daniel Defense DDM4;
(z.254) Daniel Defense DD5;
(z.255) Daniel Defense M4 Carbine Pistol;
(z.256) Dark Storm Industries DS-15;
(z.257) Defiance DMK22;
(z.258) Defiance Machine XG14;
(z.259) Delaware Machinery AR15;
(z.26) Delphi Tactical Delphi-15;
(z.261) Dennys Guns DG-AR16;
(z.262) Desert Ordnance XM4 Rifle;
(z.263) Detroit Gun Works DGW15;
(z.264) Devil Dog Arms DDA-15B;
(z.265) Devil Dog Arms DDA-10B;
(z.266) Dez Arms DTA-10;
(z.267) Diamondback Firearms DB-10;
(z.268) Diamondback Firearms DB-15;
(z.269) Diemaco Rifle C10;
(z.27) Diemaco Rifle Experimental 84;
(z.271) Dlask Arms AR15 Type;
(z.272) Dlask Arms DAR701;
(z.273) Dlask Arms DAR701 Canada 150 Birthday;
(z.274) Dlask Arms PAC-5;
(z.275) Dominion Arms DA556;
(z.276) Double Star Star-15;
(z.277) Double Star Star-15 Carbine;
(z.278) Double Star Star-15 Super Match Rifle;
(z.279) Double Star Star-15 CritterSlayer;
(z.28) Double Star Star-15 Expedition Rifle;
(z.281) Double Star Star-15 Dissipator;
(z.282) Double Star Star-15 Target Rifle;
(z.283) Double Star Star-15 Lightweight Tactical;
(z.284) Double Star Star-15 Pistol;
(z.285) Double Star Star-10B;
(z.286) Dow FAL-15;
(z.287) DPMS A-15;
(z.288) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull;
(z.289) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull Twenty-Four;
(z.29) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull Twenty-Four Special;
(z.291) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull Twenty-Four Super;
(z.292) DPMS A-15 Panther Bulldog;
(z.293) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull Sixteen;
(z.294) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull SST Sixteen;
(z.295) DPMS A-15 Panther Bull Classic;
(z.296) DPMS A-15 Panther Prairie;
(z.297) DPMS A-15 Panther Arctic;
(z.298) DPMS A-15 Panther Classic;
(z.299) DPMS A-15 Panther DCM;
(z.3) DPMS A-15 Panther Southpaw;
(z.301) DPMS A-15 Panther Classic Sixteen;
(z.302) DPMS A-15 Panther Kitty Kat;
(z.303) DPMS A-15 Panther Carbine;
(z.304) DPMS A-15 Panther Race Gun;
(z.305) DPMS A-15 Panther Tactical;
(z.306) DPMS A-15 Panther Classic Lo-Pro;
(z.307) DPMS LR-308 Panther;
(z.308) DPMS A-15 Panther Carbine M-4;
(z.309) DPMS A-15 Panther Lite;
(z.31) DPMS A-15 Panther Tuber;
(z.311) DPMS LR-300 Panther;
(z.312) DPMS A-15 Panther 20th Anniversary;
(z.313) DPMS LR-243 Panther;
(z.314) DPMS LR-260 Panther;
(z.315) DPMS LR-204 Panther;
(z.316) DPMS LR-30S Panther;
(z.317) DPMS A-15 Panther Pardus;
(z.318) DPMS LR-338 Panther;
(z.319) DPMS LR-6.5 Panther;
(z.32) DPMS A-15 Panther Sportical;
(z.321) DPMS A-15 Panther The Agency;
(z.322) DPMS A-15 Panther CSAT;
(z.323) DPMS A-15 Panther LBR Carbine;
(z.324) DPMS A-15 Panther Hunter;
(z.325) DPMS A-15 Panther 300 Blackout;
(z.326) DPMS LR-G2 Panther;
(z.327) DPMS A-15 Panther VRS Single Shot;
(z.328) DPMS A-15 Panther Pump Rifle;
(z.329) DPMS A-15 Panther 22;
(z.33) DPMS A-15 Panther VAS Single Shot;
(z.331) DPMS A-150 Panther;
(z.332) DPMS G2;
(z.333) DRD Paratus;
(z.334) DRD M762;
(z.335) DRD CDR-15;
(z.336) DRD Kivaari;
(z.337) DRD D8;
(z.338) DSA Incorporated ZM4;
(z.339) DTI DTI-15;
(z.34) Dynamic Arms Research (DAR) DAR-10;
(z.341) Dynamic Arms Research (DAR) DAR-15;
(z.342) E3 Arms Omega-15;
(z.343) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite AR-10;
(z.344) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite Eagle-15;
(z.345) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite M15;
(z.346) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite M15A2;
(z.347) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite M15A3;
(z.348) Eagle Arms Division of Armalite M15P;
(z.349) Eagle Arms Incorporated EA-15;
(z.35) EDs Tactical Armory 2A;
(z.351) Elite Machining GRX15;
(z.352) Emtan EM-15;
(z.353) Enfield Rifle Company MERC415;
(z.354) EP Armory AR15/M16 Type;
(z.355) Essential Arms Company J15;
(z.356) Essential Arms Company J15F;
(z.357) Essential Arms Company J15-2;
(z.358) F&D Defense FD308;
(z.359) F-1 Firearms BDR-10 CA;
(z.36) F-1 Firearms BDR-10-3G CA;
(z.361) F-1 Firearms BDR-15 CA;
(z.362) F-1 Firearms BDR-15-3G CA;
(z.363) F-1 Firearms FDR-15 CA;
(z.364) F-1 Firearms UDR-15-3G;
(z.365) Falkor Defense FD-15A;
(z.366) Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 XRS;
(z.367) Ferfrans SOACR;
(z.368) Fightlite Industries MCR;
(z.369) Firebird Precision Firearms FPX-15;
(z.37) FMK AR-1 Patriot;
(z.371) FMK AR1 Extreme;
(z.372) FN FNX-01;
(z.373) FN FN15;
(z.374) FN FN15 Carbine;
(z.375) FN FN15 Rifle;
(z.376) Fortis Manufacturing FM15;
(z.377) Frankford Arsenal XM-177E2;
(z.378) Franklin Armory F17-L;
(z.379) Franklin Armory F17-V4;
(z.38) Franklin Armory HSC-15;
(z.381) Franklin Armory Libertas;
(z.382) Fulton Armory FAR-15;
(z.383) Fulton Armory FAR-308;
(z.384) GA Precision GAP-10;
(z.385) GA Precision GAP-10 G2;
(z.386) Gilboa Shorty 7;
(z.387) Gilboa Commando 11.5;
(z.388) Gilboa SMG;
(z.389) Gilboa M-43;
(z.39) Gilboa Carabine 14.5;
(z.391) Gilboa DMR;
(z.392) Gilboa Snake;
(z.393) GPI Manufacturing SLR15;
(z.394) Grande Armeria Camuna (GAC) GAC-15;
(z.395) Grey Ghost Precision GGP-SBL;
(z.396) Grey Ghost Precision GGP-S Grim;
(z.397) Grey Ghost Precision GGP-S Heavy;
(z.398) Grey Ghost Precision GGP-SLF;
(z.399) Grey Ghost Precision GGP-S Light;
(z.4) Grey Ghost Precision Specter Light;
(z.401) GT Virtual Concepts GT15;
(z.402) GTO Core-15;
(z.403) GTO Hard Core 15;
(z.404) Gun Room Company Noreen Bad News;
(z.405) Gunwerks WY15;
(z.406) Haenel CR223;
(z.407) Haenel CR308;
(z.408) Hayes Custom Guns H15;
(z.409) Head Down HD-15;
(z.41) Heckler & Koch HK416D;
(z.411) Heckler & Koch HK417;
(z.412) Heckler & Koch HKM4C;
(z.413) Heckler & Koch MR;
(z.414) Heckler & Koch MR223;
(z.415) Heckler & Koch MR308;
(z.416) Heckler & Koch MR556A1;
(z.417) Heckler & Koch MR762A1;
(z.418) Hera Arms HLS;
(z.419) Hera Arms HCL;
(z.42) Hera Arms HCL9M;
(z.421) Hesse Arms HAR15A2;
(z.422) Hesse Arms HAR15A2 Bull Gun;
(z.423) Hesse Arms HAR15A2 National Match;
(z.424) Hesse Arms HAR15A2 Standard;
(z.425) Hesse Arms HAR25;
(z.426) Hesse Arms Omega Match;
(z.427) High Standard HSA-15;
(z.428) High Standard HSA-15 Crusader;
(z.429) High Standard HSA-15 Enforcer;
(z.43) High Standard HSA-15 Enforcer 300;
(z.431) Hogan Manufacturing H-308;
(z.432) Hogan Manufacturing H223;
(z.433) Hogan Manufacturing H-415;
(z.434) Hogan Manufacturing H-416;
(z.435) Holland Gunworks HGW15;
(z.436) Hughes Precision HR-15F;
(z.437) Huldra MARK 4;
(z.438) Imperial Defence Services M16A3;
(z.439) Interarms ISA-15;
(z.44) Inter Ordnance IO-G9;
(z.441) Intrepid Tactical Solutions RAS-12;
(z.442) Iron City Rifle Works IC-9;
(z.443) Iron City Rifle Works IC-15;
(z.444) Iron Ridge Arms IRA-10D;
(z.445) Irunguns Anarchy;
(z.446) ISSC PAR223 Delta;
(z.447) Jager AP74;
(z.448) Jard J15;
(z.449) JC Weaponry JC Weaponry;
(z.45) JD Machine PR3;
(z.451) Jesse James Firearms Unlimited M4 Carbine;
(z.452) Joe Firearms JOE-15;
(z.453) JP Enterprises JP-15 Match;
(z.454) JP Enterprises JP-15;
(z.455) JP Enterprises JP-15 IPSC Limited Class;
(z.456) JP Enterprises JP-15 NRA Match;
(z.457) JP Enterprises JP-15 Tactical/SOF;
(z.458) JP Enterprises AR-10;
(z.459) JP Enterprises Edge Grade 3;
(z.46) JP Enterprises CTR-02;
(z.461) JP Enterprises LRP-07;
(z.462) JP Enterprises SCR-11;
(z.463) JP Enterprises JPE-15;
(z.464) JP Enterprises MBRG-13;
(z.465) JP Enterprises GMR15;
(z.466) Juggernaut Tactical JT-10;
(z.467) Juggernaut Tactical JT-15;
(z.468) Kaiser Defense Calguns.Net;
(z.469) Kaiser Defense KR5;
(z.47) Kaiser Military Technologies KR7;
(z.471) KE Arms KE-15;
(z.472) Kiss Tactical KISS-15;
(z.473) Kiss Tactical K-15SE;
(z.474) Knights Manufacturing Company SR-15;
(z.475) Kodiak Defence JTF2 Silver Edition;
(z.476) Kodiak Defence KD9;
(z.477) Kodiak Defence KD15;
(z.478) Kodiak Defence Kodiak-15;
(z.479) Kodiak Defence Kodiak-39;
(z.48) Lancer Systems LP L15;
(z.481) Lancer Systems LP L30;
(z.482) Lantac LA-N15;
(z.483) Lantac LA-R15;
(z.484) Lantac LA-SF15;
(z.485) Lantac MK-4;
(z.486) LAR Manufacturing Grizzly-15;
(z.487) LAR Manufacturing AA15;
(z.488) LAR Manufacturing SK15;
(z.489) LaRue Tactical LT-15;
(z.49) LaRue Tactical LT-762;
(z.491) Lauer Custom Weaponry LCW15;
(z.492) Lead Star LSA9;
(z.493) LEI LM7;
(z.494) Leitner-Wise Rifle LW15-7.82;
(z.495) Leitner-Wise Rifle LW15-22;
(z.496) Leitner-Wise Rifle LW15-499;
(z.497) Les Baer Custom Ultimate AR;
(z.498) Les Baer Custom Ultimate;
(z.499) Les Baer Custom Match;
(z.5) Les Baer Custom Match AR;
(z.501) Les Baer Custom Thunder Ranch Special;
(z.502) Les Baer Custom Monolith SWAT;
(z.503) Les Baer Custom AR IPSC Action;
(z.504) Les Baer Custom AR Super Match;
(z.505) LMT Defender 2000;
(z.506) LMT L129A1;
(z.507) LMT LM308MWS;
(z.508) LMT MARS LS;
(z.509) Loki Weapon Systems LWSF;
(z.51) Lone Wolf R & D LWD-AR9G;
(z.511) Lone Wolf R & D LWD-AR9G Pistol;
(z.512) LRB Arms M15SA;
(z.513) Luvo BL-15LE;
(z.514) Luvo BL-15LE1;
(z.515) Luvo LA-15;
(z.516) LWRC SABR;
(z.517) LWRC REPR;
(z.518) LWRC Six8;
(z.519) LWRC CSASS;
(z.52) LWRC REPR MARK 2;
(z.521) LWRC 224 Valkyrie;
(z.522) LWRC M6IC;
(z.523) LWRC M6/M6A2;
(z.524) M2 M16C;
(z.525) M2 M16SP;
(z.526) M2 M16X;
(z.527) M2 M4N;
(z.528) M2 Patrol;
(z.529) M2 M16Z1;
(z.53) MAG Tactical Systems MG-G4;
(z.531) Magpul Armament MPLA;
(z.532) Manta Machining PA15;
(z.533) Manta Machining JH 308-F2;
(z.534) Matrix Aerospace MA-15;
(z.535) Matrix Aerospace M-762;
(z.536) Matrix Aerospace M762-D;
(z.537) Maxim Firearms B7075;
(z.538) McDuffee Arms MAR15;
(z.539) McDuffee Arms MLR308;
(z.54) McKay Enterprises RM16A2;
(z.541) Mega Arms MEGA MA-Ten;
(z.542) Mega Arms GTR-3H;
(z.543) Mega Machine Shop MEGA MMS;
(z.544) Mega Machine Shop MEGA Gator;
(z.545) Mega Machine Shop MEGA GTR-3H;
(z.546) Mega Machine Shop MEGA GTR-3S;
(z.547) Mega Machine Shop MEGA GTR-MA-Ten;
(z.548) Mega Machine Shop MEGA MG-XTR;
(z.549) MG Arms K-Yote;
(z.55) MG Arms Taranis Light;
(z.551) MGI Marck 15;
(z.552) MGO Zombie;
(z.553) Midwest Industries MI-15F;
(z.554) Miller Precision Arms MPA300 Guardian;
(z.555) Miller Precision Arms MPA556;
(z.556) Miller Precision Arms MPA762;
(z.557) Miller Precision Arms MPAR10;
(z.558) Mil-Sport AR15;
(z.559) Mil-Sport AR15 Pistol;
(z.56) Mitchell Arms CAR15/22;
(z.561) Mitchell Arms M16/22;
(z.562) Mitchell Arms M16A1/22;
(z.563) Mitchell Arms M16A3/22;
(z.564) MKE KNT-76;
(z.565) MMC Armory MA-15;
(z.566) MOLOT Vepr-15;
(z.567) Moores Machine Company MMC M4;
(z.568) Mossberg MMR Tactical;
(z.569) Mossberg MMR Hunter;
(z.57) Motiuk Manufacturing MRC-15;
(z.571) MVB Industries MVB-15F;
(z.572) Nemesis Arms 11X10;
(z.573) NEMO Battle Light;
(z.574) NEMO Omen;
(z.575) NEMO Battle Light 1.0;
(z.576) New Frontier Armory C9;
(z.577) New Frontier Armory G-15;
(z.578) New Frontier Armory LW-15;
(z.579) Next Generation Arms MFR;
(z.58) Next Generation Arms MP168 SPC;
(z.581) Next Level Armament NLX556;
(z.582) NoDak Spud NDS-16A1;
(z.583) NoDak Spud NDS-16A2;
(z.584) NoDak Spud NDS-601;
(z.585) NoDak Spud NDS-635;
(z.586) NoDak Spud NDS-XM16E1;
(z.587) Nord Arms NA-308;
(z.588) Nordic Components NC-PCC;
(z.589) Noreen Firearms Noreen Bad News;
(z.59) Noreen Firearms Noreen BN36;
(z.591) Noreen Firearms Noreen BN308;
(z.592) Norinco 311-3;
(z.593) Norinco Type CQ 311;
(z.594) Norinco Type CQ 311-1;
(z.595) Norinco Type CQ Semi-Automatic Rifle;
(z.596) Norinco Type CQ-A Semi-Automatic Rifle;
(z.597) Norinco Type CQ-A-1 Semi-Automatic Rifle;
(z.598) North Eastern Arms NEA-15;
(z.599) North Eastern Arms NEA-15 Pistol;
(z.6) North Eastern Arms NEA-25;
(z.601) North Eastern Arms NEA102;
(z.602) Northtech Defense NT15S;
(z.603) Noveske N4;
(z.604) Noveske N6;
(z.605) Noveske Varmageddon AR;
(z.606) Oberland Arms OA10;
(z.607) Oberland Arms OA15;
(z.608) Olympic Arms PCR;
(z.609) Olympic Arms MFR;
(z.61) Olympic Arms K3B;
(z.611) Olympic Arms K40GL;
(z.612) Olympic Arms K9GL;
(z.613) Olympic Arms LTF;
(z.614) Olympic Arms Plinker Plus;
(z.615) Olympic Arms UM1P Ultramatch;
(z.616) Olympic Arms UMAR;
(z.617) Olympic Arms MPR 308-15;
(z.618) Olympic Arms CAR15 AR;
(z.619) Olympic Arms CAR97;
(z.62) Olympic Arms UM1 Ultramatch;
(z.621) Olympic Arms ML1 Multimatch;
(z.622) Olympic Arms ML2 Multimatch;
(z.623) Olympic Arms K4B;
(z.624) Olympic Arms Bill of Rights Bicentennial Commemorative;
(z.625) Olympic Arms SM1 Servicematch;
(z.626) Olympic Arms Titanium;
(z.627) Olympic Arms Plinker;
(z.628) Olympic Arms FAR-15;
(z.629) Olympic Arms K8;
(z.63) Olympic Arms MQ356;
(z.631) Olympic Arms Vietnam Limited Edition Commemorative;
(z.632) Olympic Arms SM1P Servicematch;
(z.633) Olympic Arms K22 Rimfire Target Match;
(z.634) Palmetto Armory BH15A1;
(z.635) Palmetto State Armory GX-9;
(z.636) Palmetto State Armory PA-10;
(z.637) Palmetto State Armory PA-15;
(z.638) Palmetto State Armory PX9;
(z.639) Palmetto State Armory PX-10;
(z.64) Patriot Defense Arms PDA-15;
(z.641) Performance Engineering SOT-15;
(z.642) Phase 5 Tactical P5T15;
(z.643) Phase 5 Tactical Atlas One;
(z.644) Plumcrazy Firearms C15;
(z.645) POF CMR;
(z.646) POF P-15;
(z.647) POF P300;
(z.648) POF P308;
(z.649) POF P415;
(z.65) POF P416;
(z.651) Poly Technologies Type CQ-A Semi-Automatic Rifle;
(z.652) Precision Firearms PF15;
(z.653) Precision Firearms PF-X08;
(z.654) PWA AR15 Commando;
(z.655) PWA Commando;
(z.656) PWS MARK 1;
(z.657) PWS MARK 2;
(z.658) PWS MARK 1 Modern Musket;
(z.659) PWS PCC9;
(z.66) PWS MARK 1 Pistol;
(z.661) PWS MARK 1 Modern Musket Pistol;
(z.662) PWS MARK 1 Mod 2-M;
(z.663) Q Honey Badger;
(z.664) Quartercircle10 GSF Pistol;
(z.665) Quentin Defense QD-15;
(z.666) Quentin Defense SBR;
(z.667) Quentin Defense ZRT;
(z.668) Radian 1;
(z.669) Radical Firearms RF-15;
(z.67) Radical Firearms RM-15;
(z.671) Radical Firearms RMR-10;
(z.672) Rainier Arms Overthrow;
(z.673) Rainier Arms RB-15;
(z.674) Rainier Arms RB308;
(z.675) Rainier Arms RM-15;
(z.676) Rat Worx M-7;
(z.677) Red River Tactical RRT-TAC15;
(z.678) Red Stag Technologies Red Stag;
(z.679) Remington R15 VTR;
(z.68) Remington LRP-07;
(z.681) Remington R4;
(z.682) Remington R25;
(z.683) Remington R25 G2;
(z.684) Revolution Armory AR-410;
(z.685) RGM Incorporated Marksman;
(z.686) RGuns TRR15;
(z.687) Rhino Arms RA-4;
(z.688) Rhino Arms RA-4R;
(z.689) Rise Armament Ripper;
(z.69) RND Edge;
(z.691) Rock Island Armory M15A1;
(z.692) Rock Island Armory XM15;
(z.693) Rock Island Armory XM15E2;
(z.694) Rock River Arms LAR-15;
(z.695) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Law Enforcement;
(z.696) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Varmint;
(z.697) Rock River Arms LAR-15/9MM;
(z.698) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Pistol;
(z.699) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Elite;
(z.7) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Coyote;
(z.701) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Predator Pursuit;
(z.702) Rock River Arms LAR-458;
(z.703) Rock River Arms LAR-6.8;
(z.704) Rock River Arms LAR-8;
(z.705) Rock River Arms LAR-15 ATH;
(z.706) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Operator;
(z.707) Rock River Arms LAR-8 Operator;
(z.708) Rock River Arms LAR-47;
(z.709) Rock River Arms LAR-15LH;
(z.71) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Hunter;
(z.711) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Fred Eichler Series;
(z.712) Rock River Arms LAR-15 R3 Competition;
(z.713) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Texas;
(z.714) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Tactical;
(z.715) Rock River Arms LAR-15 Government;
(z.716) Rock River Arms LAR-15 TASC;
(z.717) Rock River Arms LAR-15 National Match;
(z.718) Rock River Arms LAR-15 DEA;
(z.719) Rock River Arms LAR-9;
(z.72) Rock River Arms LAR-9 Pistol;
(z.721) Rock River Arms LAR-40;
(z.722) Rock River Arms LAR-PDS;
(z.723) Rock River Arms LAR-40 Pistol;
(z.724) Rock River Arms LAR-6;
(z.725) Rock River Arms LAR-8M;
(z.726) Rock River Arms LAR-10;
(z.727) Rocky Point Guns LE15;
(z.728) Roggio RA15;
(z.729) Royal Arms Rak15;
(z.73) Ruger SR556;
(z.731) Ruger SR556 VT;
(z.732) Ruger AR556;
(z.733) S&J Hardware SJ-15;
(z.734) Sabatti SAR;
(z.735) Sabertooth Defence M4;
(z.736) Sabre Defence Industries SR-15;
(z.737) Sabre Defence Industries XR10;
(z.738) Sabre Defence Industries XR15;
(z.739) Safir T12;
(z.74) Safir T14;
(z.741) Salient Arms International GRY;
(z.742) Salient Arms International SAI-T2;
(z.743) Savage MSR-10;
(z.744) Savage MSR-15;
(z.745) Schmeisser AR15;
(z.746) Schmeisser MR-BA19;
(z.747) Seekins Precision NX15;
(z.748) Seekins Precision SBA15;
(z.749) Seekins Precision SP15;
(z.75) Seekins Precision SP223;
(z.751) Seekins Precision SPX;
(z.752) Sendra Corp M15A1;
(z.753) Sendra Corp XM15E2;
(z.754) SFRC SFRC-15;
(z.755) SGW AR15;
(z.756) SGW AR15A1;
(z.757) SGW AR15A2;
(z.758) SGW CAR15;
(z.759) SGW CAR15 AR;
(z.76) SGW K3B;
(z.761) SGW Ultra Match Rifle;
(z.762) SGW XM15A1;
(z.763) Sharps Bros The Jack;
(z.764) Sharps Bros Warthog;
(z.765) Sharps Rifle Company Sharps 15;
(z.766) ShoeLess Ventures FAB10;
(z.767) Shooting Edge OA15;
(z.768) SI Defense SI AR-15;
(z.769) SI Defense SI-D;
(z.77) SI Defense SI-HK;
(z.771) SI Defense SI-C;
(z.772) SIG Sauer SIG 516;
(z.773) SIG Sauer SIG 716;
(z.774) SIG Sauer SIG M400;
(z.775) SIG Sauer SIG M400 Elite;
(z.776) Six Sigma Arms P18-32;
(z.777) Smith & Wesson M&P 15T;
(z.778) Smith & Wesson M&P 15;
(z.779) Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22;
(z.78) Smith & Wesson M&P 15FT;
(z.781) Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22PC;
(z.782) Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Magpul;
(z.783) Smith & Wesson M&P 10;
(z.784) Smith & Wesson M&P 15A;
(z.785) Smith & Wesson M&P 15PC;
(z.786) Smith & Wesson M&P 15OR;
(z.787) Smith & Wesson M&P 15PS;
(z.788) Smith & Wesson M&P 10 Creedmoor;
(z.789) Smith & Wesson M&P 15i;
(z.79) SMOS SM-15;
(z.791) SMOS Rogue-15;
(z.792) SMOS Rogue-50;
(z.793) Sniper Central SI-C;
(z.794) SNS Industries Max 15;
(z.795) SNS Industries LFT-15;
(z.796) SNS Industries NO-15;
(z.797) SNS Industries Max 15 Pistol;
(z.798) Socom Firearms Corporation Recon AR15;
(z.799) Socom Manufacturing BR-15-A6S;
(z.8) Spartan Precision SP15;
(z.801) Special Ops Tactical SO15;
(z.802) Spike’s Tactical ST-15;
(z.803) Spike’s Tactical SL-15;
(z.804) Spike’s Tactical ST-22;
(z.805) Spike’s Tactical CJ15;
(z.806) Spike’s Tactical Hellbreaker;
(z.807) Spike’s Tactical Warthog;
(z.808) Spike’s Tactical The Jack;
(z.809) Spike’s Tactical Spartan;
(z.81) Spike’s Tactical Jack 10;
(z.811) Spirit Gun Manufacturing Company SGM9;
(z.812) Springfield Armory Saint;
(z.813) STAG Arms STAG-6L;
(z.814) STAG Arms STAG-6.8;
(z.815) STAG Arms STAG-9;
(z.816) STAG Arms STAG-10;
(z.817) STAG Arms STAG-10S;
(z.818) STAG Arms STAG-15;
(z.819) STAG Arms STAG-223;
(z.82) Sterling Arms SAI 102;
(z.821) STI International AR15 Custom Rifle;
(z.822) Stillers Precision Firearms Predator XT;
(z.823) Stoner SR-25;
(z.824) Stoner SR-15;
(z.825) Stoner MARK 11 Model 0;
(z.826) Stoner M110;
(z.827) Stoner XM110;
(z.828) Stoner MARK 11 Model 1;
(z.829) Sun Devil SD15;
(z.83) Sun Devil SD308;
(z.831) Superior Arms S-15;
(z.832) Surplus Ammo & Arms LOW15;
(z.833) Surplus Ammo & Arms LOW16;
(z.834) Surplus Ammo & Arms SA15;
(z.835) SWAT Firearms SF-15;
(z.836) SWORD International MARK 15 Model 0;
(z.837) SWORD International MARK 16 Model 0;
(z.838) SWORD International MARK 17 Model 0;
(z.839) SWORD International MARK 18 Model 0;
(z.84) SWORD International MARK 18 Model 0 Mjolnir;
(z.841) Tactical Armz TA-15;
(z.842) Tactical Innovations T-15;
(z.843) Tactical Innovations T-15BDX;
(z.844) Tactical Machining TM-15;
(z.845) Tactical Machining TM308;
(z.846) Tactical Machining TSG-15;
(z.847) Tactical Rifles Government;
(z.848) Tactical Rifles Tactical M4C;
(z.849) Tactical Rifles Tactical SPG;
(z.85) Tactical Rifles Tactical SVR;
(z.851) Talon Arms TA-15;
(z.852) Taran Tactical TR-1;
(z.853) Tech Designs AR-15;
(z.854) Territorial Gunsmiths SLR15;
(z.855) Thor TR15 Carbine;
(z.856) Tippmann Arms M4-22;
(z.857) Titusville Armory TA-15;
(z.858) TKS Engineering AR15HD;
(z.859) TNW SGP15;
(z.86) Tom Sawyer M4-Z1;
(z.861) Tom Sawyer Jolly Roger;
(z.862) Trojan Firearms PRO9V1;
(z.863) Trojan Firearms TFA-PCC9G;
(z.864) Trojan Firearms ULV1;
(z.865) Troy Defense Troy 102;
(z.866) Troy Defense Troy Carbine;
(z.867) Troy Defense Troy M4A1 Carbine;
(z.868) Troy Defense Troy M4A1 SOCC;
(z.869) Troy Defense Troy M7A1 CQB;
(z.87) Troy Defense Troy M7A1 PDW Carbine;
(z.871) Troy Defense Troy M16A2 Mogadishu;
(z.872) Troy Defense Troy Northern Guard;
(z.873) Troy Industries Troy CQB-SPC;
(z.874) True North Arms TNA-15;
(z.875) Turnbull Manufacturing TAR-15;
(z.876) Turnbull Manufacturing TAR-10;
(z.877) Umbrella Corporation AR15;
(z.878) Umlaut Industries U4;
(z.879) Unik Alpha;
(z.88) United Defense S7;
(z.881) US Arms Patriot 15;
(z.882) US Autoweapons USM4;
(z.883) US Firearms Academy BB-16;
(z.884) USA Tactical Firearms USA-15;
(z.885) UT Arms GEN-1AR;
(z.886) Utas XTR-12;
(z.887) V Seven Weapons GI Seven;
(z.888) VC Defense VC-15;
(z.889) Vidalia Police Supply VPS-15;
(z.89) VM Hy-Tech VM15;
(z.891) Vulcan Armament V15;
(z.892) Web Arms WA-15;
(z.893) Wilson Combat AR15 UT;
(z.894) Wilson Combat AR15 TPR;
(z.895) Wilson Combat AR15 M4;
(z.896) Wilson Combat AR15 TL;
(z.897) Wilson Combat AR15 SM;
(z.898) Wilson Combat AR15 SS;
(z.899) Wilson Combat AR15;
(z.9) Wilson Combat AR-10;
(z.901) Wilson Combat AR9G;
(z.902) Wilson Tactical WT-15;
(z.903) Windham Weaponry MCS;
(z.904) Windham Weaponry WW-15;
(z.905) Windham Weaponry WW-308;
(z.906) Windham Weaponry WW-CF;
(z.907) WMA WMA-15;
(z.908) Wolverine Tactical Firearms WAR-15;
(z.909) Wolverine Tactical Firearms WT-15;
(z.91) Xtreme Gun XG15;
(z.911) Xtreme Machining XR15;
(z.912) YHM 57;
(z.913) YHM YHM-15;
(z.914) ZEV Technologies Mega-LF;
(z.915) ZEV Technologies Mega-TR15;
(z.916) ZEV Technologies ZEV-BL;
(z.917) ZEV Technologies ZEV-FL;
(z.918) ZM Weapons LR300ML;
(z.919) ZM Weapons LR300SR; and
(z.92) Zombie Defense Z-4.

88 The firearm of the design commonly known as the Ruger Mini-14 rifle, and any variant or modified version of it, including the

(a) Clark Custom Guns Ruger Mini-14;
(b) Ruger Mini-14 GB;
(c) Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle;
(d) Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Deluxe;
(e) Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle LE;
(f) Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle LET;
(g) Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle NRA Edition;
(h) Ruger Mini