We have updated our inventory to include a better bolt-action rifle for safe use by students in courses.

The new gun is a 2017 Savage MKII FXP. Weight of this rifle is 5.5 lbs (plus the scope, bipod, magazine and ammunition).

This rifle will replace an existing gun which has taken a great deal of wear-and-tear, the Canadian iron-sights .22LR Lakefield MKII.

A synthetic stock will allow for more wear-and-tear by rookie users. The barrel is free-floating. It’s made of carbon steel, with a satin finish. Stock is a black graphite polymer synthetic.

As our armourers have removed the firing pin, the gun is now safe for use in the Canadian Firearms Safety Course where it joins a number of other disabled service guns.

This .22LR – made in Westfield, Massachusetts – will be used to help educate new students in a safe environment, where with dummy-rounds-only we foster the safest possible learning experience for all students.

Major differences from the Lakefield MKII (the same rifle, but 30 years older and made once upon a time in Ontario) it replaces include a bipod, magnified rifle scope, an AccuTrigger, longer charging handle, and a working extractor mechanism.