1. These are federal PAL and RPAL courses. Possession and Acquisition Licenses are Canadian gun licenses, allowing people to legally buy, own, use, and store various firearms and ammunition.
  2. Please take note of the date, time, location, and type of course so that you don’t end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  3. You’ll need to review and agree to the Student Terms & Conditions, as well as the Cancellation, No-Show & Refunds policy, before you reserve your spots here using a credit card.
  4. It’s important that students complete their Non-Restricted course first, as it’s a prerequisite for the optional Restricted level.
  5. After your course, the RCMP expect a $60-$80 processing fee. This recurs once every 5 years, but you don’t ever need to retake the course in the future. To effectively save $60 in RCMP processing fees, submit your Non-Restricted and Restricted course paperwork together at the same time.
  6. If you’re registering for both levels, you’ll need to complete this registration twice (once for each course). Make sure your Non-Restricted date is the first of the two, and we’ll confirm all your details by email.
  7. Please ensure on the course date that you bring one piece of government photo ID. This is usually a Canadian driver’s license, international passport, or PR card.
  8. If you have reading glasses, please bring them along with you as we will be spending time on cartridge and firearm identification during the day, as well as taking written notes.
  9. We will take a few short breaks throughout the day – please feel free to bring food and hot/cold drinks as this is a day-long course. Lunch break will be long enough to facilitate quick nearby fast food.
  10. If you are using the course as an opportunity to upgrade from a POL (Possession-Only License), or to change from one type of PAL to another, bring your former license if you are able to do so (it will help us with some of your forms).