I have firearms that I would like to dispose of. What should I do?

RGSL accepts donations of Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms, and in particular we look for firearms that may have educational value for our students. If you are the executor of an estate, or are in possession of firearms and would like them gone, please contact us and we will help you figure out a solution. We are often able to pick up the firearms themselves and are able to ensure safe, [...]

Who is eligible to get their PAL/RPAL?

Any permanent resident or citizen of Canada 18 or over may apply for their PAL (and upgrade to an RPAL). Non-residents in Canada are also eligible to apply as well, however the RCMP may request a letter of good conduct from their home country (or other pertinent details) later on in the application process. Those under 18 but at least 12 years old may apply for a Minor's License [...]

How old do I need to be to get my gun license (PAL)?

Non-Restricted and Restricted PALs are issued to adults aged 18-or-older. Minor's Licenses are issued for those who are 12-17. Those under 18 but at least 12 years old may apply for a Minor's License which permits borrowing of Non-Restricted firearms only, for target practice, organized shooting competitions, hunting, and instruction in the use of firearms. A Minor's License also permits the acquisition of ammunition, unless there is an age restriction [...]

My firearms license (either my old PAL, POL or FAC) has expired and I want to make sure I’m legal once again. What should I do?

Generally speaking (most of the time), if you had an FAC but not a PAL, you need to complete the PAL requirements for licensing. We can help you with that. If you had a PAL and it expired, you can usually just send in an RCMP 5592 (PAL application form) and don’t need to re-submit the proof of safety courses. For more information, check out these RCMP frequently asked questions! [...]

I have a disability and cannot perform all the shooting positions demonstrated in the CFSC/CRFSC. Can I still take it?

We make accommodations during testing for those who may have bad legs, bad backs, or other disabilities. At RGSL, we treat every student with common sense, decency and courtesy. While our private classroom is not wheelchair-accessible (it's on a lower level of the River Heights Mall, which doesn't have an elevator), Cabela's Regina and Cabela's Saskatoon courses are made wheelchair-friendly and are more accessible.