The key difference is that a Non-Restricted license typically gives you access to firearms such as shotguns and most sporting rifles.

Sporting rifles refer to guns that can be used for hunting – Non-Restricted guns are the only classification that can be used for hunting and shooting at varmints where legally allowed.

Restricted and Prohibited level firearms need to be fired at designated target ranges. Prohibited class firearms and licenses are rare.

A Restricted license class gives you access to firearms such as handguns and certain semi-automatic rifles (such as AR-15’s) that have been classed Restricted by former Order-In-Council governmental actions. Minor’s Licenses do not permit individuals under 18 to possess any Restricted or Prohibited classes.

An individual must have a Non-Restricted license if they wish to get a Restricted license (but they may take the Non-Restricted course and then the Restricted course after that and submit the forms together – many of our students do this).

Non-Restricted = NR PAL, CFSC/Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

Restricted = RPAL, CRFSC/Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course.