Update: RGSL now recommends students take a computer scan of their Course Report before sending the original to the RCMP so they keep a copy on file. Students have occasionally been reporting that their Course Reports have been lost in the mail, and scanning them protects against loss by keeping proof on file that you have passed the course.

“Course Report” JUS332 forms are issued to successful students who pass the Non-Restricted and/or Restricted courses. These act as proof that students passed the respective courses and have satisfied the written and practical testing requirements. They are the most important forms that students receive from RGSL!

If you misplace your Course Report forms, you might be in trouble depending on the circumstances. RGSL sometimes has students come in who have no choice but to re-take the course as a result of lost forms (it’s up to the discretion of the RCMP/CFP for your own situation). Some students have years-old Course Report forms that are able to be submitted and processed despite the passage of time.

Normally the process is such that RGSL will give the student their original to be mailed in with their PAL/RPAL application.
A second copy is sent to the student’s provincial or territorial Chief Firearms Officer.
A third copy is sent to the Canadian Firearms Program in Miramichi, New Brunswick, for federal processing.
A fourth copy is intended to be left in cold storage with the original instructor.

If you’ve misplaced your forms, your best bet is to call the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000 to ask them what course of action should be taken in your specific situation.

RGSL mails and stores forms in a timely fashion after courses, and so your best point of contact after the course is done is the CFP (RCMP).