The CFO requires that you wait a minimum of one week before re-doing the tests, but we stress that those are at instructor discretion; sometimes it’s very obvious that even given a week to study, a student will not realistically be able to pass without any extra help.

RGSL does everything possible to give students the tools to succeed, and our fail rate of students is very low for Non-Restricted and Restricted courses. It happens, though.

Usually, failure at a course is for specific infractions such as pointing the firearm at a person. It can also occur because of problems with English comprehension (this we see often), or in some cases a person fails because they weren’t paying attention/didn’t take notes during the course.

If you do fail a written or practical test, your RGSL instructor will sit down with you and discuss the best strategy before testing again. Our instructors have assessed thousands of students, and generally have a pretty good idea of what your next steps/resources should be.

If it does turn out that you need to take the course a second time you will need to register in another course at a future date. There are no refunds for failing a course.

However, the RCMP will not charge a second application fee, as no forms should be submitted by the student in the event of a failed course.