Students need to ensure their own eligibility for the PAL/RPAL before registering for a course.

If a student were to come and take a course, and then send their forms in – and then be denied by the RCMP because for whatever reason it turns out that the student was ineligible all along – that situation would not be any instructor’s responsibility. The student does end up ultimately responsible for their own application once they leave the Non-Restricted Course or the Restricted Course, so it’s important to know if something might preclude you beforehand.

The instructors’ jobs are to deliver the course education, to deliver the testing, and to generally help with paperwork before students leave for the day. Once the course is over, the RCMP are responsible for processing gun license applications mailed in by students (the testing information is confirmed by instructor copies sent in separately).

The Canadian Firearms Program at the RCMP define reasons for PAL refusals or revocations as potentially extending to include: “a history of violence, mental illness, potential risk to oneself or others, unsafe firearm use and storage, drug offenses, and providing false information”. (RCMP-CFP, accessed Nov 5th, 2015)

If you’re still wondering about your eligibility, your best bet is to give a quick shout over to the RCMP’s Canadian Firearms Program before you register. They’re open weekdays, at 1-800-731-4000 during business hours.