There are two major safety rules, and there are also behavioural expectations as our staff don’t tolerate any form of abuse.

The first is that there are no outside ammunition/firearms allowed in the course. This is done for the safety and comfort of all our students, and to comply with instruction regulations.

The second rule is that you must not muzzle-sweep anybody to muzzle sweep somebody is to swing a gun around so that the dangerous end, for any amount of time, is pointed at a human. Beyond that, we know you’re there to learn and we try to keep things as common-sense as possible — we’re very understanding. Notably, we also want to respect any grounds used for the training.

During registration online, by email, and again at the start of courses and through signage – instructors make clear (and then strictly enforce) behavioural expectations at our courses. We keep a safe, secure, respectful space for staff and students.