At all our courses, you’ll need:

1. A piece of allowable photo identification such as your Canadian driver’s license, international passport, or permanent residency card.

2. Any reading glasses you may require –  we’ll be taking notes for much of the day and will be doing things like identifying data stamps and ammunition cartridges. There is usually a magnifying glass on hand to help.

Our courses are relatively long, and so please feel free to bring any cold/hot food and drinks in with you. If your course is at Cabela’s, they sell fudge and other food products. If your course is at our private classroom in Regina, there’s a Max Convenience Store in the mall, right next door.

At Restricted courses in particular, students need to be able to demonstrate that they have either passed the Non-Restricted testing or they must already have their Non-Restricted PAL. The RCMP will not issue a PAL to an individual who only has their Restricted course completed! Many students register for both a Non-Restricted CFSC course and a Restricted CRFSC course sequentially, and then submit their paperwork all together at once.