No. The federal PAL course is separate and distinct from the provincial Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course. Both are generally required to hunt with a firearm in Saskatchewan.

The easiest way to get your Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course is usually by doing it over the internet and then writing the test in-person with a SAFE (Saskatchewan Association for Firearms Education) hunting instructor.

The PAL courses cannot be taken online as there is a practical element handling firearms – a screen, keyboard and mouse just can’t teach and test those proficiencies.

Gun laws are issued federally in Canada (one set of rules for all provinces and territories), while hunting laws are generally issued provincially (many different sets of regional rules). There’s limited exceptions, things like federal migratory bird legislation.

RGSL does not train for the provincial Hunter Safety, but you can get it at The process consists of an online learning component, followed up by an in-person written test and practical examination.