Yes. If you took the Canadian Firearms Safety Course in the past (and can prove it with your old Course Report), you are usually/generally eligible to apply for the Non-Restricted/Restricted PAL without taking the course again.

In order to so do, however, you must usually be able to verify that the RCMP have this proof on file before submitting a new application to the RCMP.

The best way to check your own eligibility is by calling the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000, as only they know for certain. Ask them if they can confirm that you have “proof on file” that you’ve passed already. If they don’t have proof on file, the RCMP will likely ask you to then complete the course and obtain proof-of-pass before submitting your PAL application forms.

If you do have proof on file already, the RCMP on the phone with you can occasionally succesfully guide you through the PAL application/renewal process without needing to take the course again.