They are not exceedingly difficult at all, as long as students understand the key to success is to pay attention during study, to take good notes, and to have a good command of English-language written and spoken components coming into the course.

Generally, what’s on the test is going to be a lot of common sense, and it is important to note that the tests will be based only on what is covered during the day’s course.

The vast majority of our students pass the tests, but it is extremely important to pay attention to the information in the course — we have had people fail who did not understand the language well enough to test properly, some failed who were simply not paying attention, and others still have failed for more serious infractions such as pointing a training firearm at another person during the course.

Students who fail the testing typically fail for three reasons: safety violations (muzzle sweeping for example), failing to pay attention, and for difficulty communicating in English.

RGSL uses inert firearms and dummy ammunition at all its courses.