PM Justin Trudeau Prohibits 1500+ Guns (Full OIC Text)

“Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today, May 1, 2020 as the federal government used an Order-in-Council (full transcription of the Gazette at the bottom here) to ban a number of firearms. Pending a buyback program, prohibitions of over a thousand types of existing guns are immediately in-force for [...]

PM Trudeau Proposes Gun Ban & Buyback, Stronger Storage Rules: Election 2019

Justin Trudeau this morning proposed a buyback program, prohibitions of existing guns, and new powers for provinces and territories to allow for municipalities to ban handguns. Trudeau also discussed enhanced storage requirements for handguns. Gun control advocates such as the Coalition for Gun Control have argued that Trudeau "lacks courage". Meanwhile, the pre-eminent pro-gun group Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights has organized members and upped member counts and calls-to-action. [...]

Training Arsenal Change: “Chiappa 1873” Revolver Added

RGSL has now increased its inventory of firearms to include a brand new, never-fired Chiappa 1873 22LR Single Action Army revolver. It replaces an old worn-out revolver of similar design that was used for years by students training in the classroom. This handgun's old-school revolving action dates to the nineteenth century and as such has archaic styling, features, and lack of manual/built-in safeties. These revolvers can fequently be seen [...]

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CWD Reporting: Sask. Infections Skyrocket

A Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative report on Chronic Wasting Disease testing in Saskatchewan has revealed significant infection rates among elk, moose, white-tailed deer, and mule deer. According to The Hill, CWD has been found in 24 states, with most of the activity centered around the American West, near the Rocky Mountains. They are also found in the Upper Midwest - states like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Since the disease was [...]

Yorkton Men Fined: Loaded Firearm In Vehicle + Hunting High

As another update to our article Guns & Drugs: Canada's Marijuana Legalization in October 2018 (and updated in November 2018), we now have our first report of a publicized provincial hunting infraction in SK with regard specifically to marijuana. Convictions were secured in Yorkton Provincial Court regarding the September 2018 incident, which we note was prior to the federal recreational legalization of marijuana in Canada. In this [...]