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New: RCMP-CFP 2022 Online PAL Form

Today, instructors as part of the Canadian Firearms Program received notice that the program has been updated to include an online PAL application form. This form is usable immediately, as long as certain conditions are met:

With the new changes coming into play on the government’s website through the GCKey portal, some patience is warranted. At this time, questions should be directed to your provincial/territorial CFO as the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program is best equipped to answer questions. We all learn about the new forms at the same time, as they are codified and shared with instructors.

RGSL complies with all directives from the CFO, RCMP, and government/support agencies in order to help keep Saskatchewan safe!

RGSL runs Non-Restricted and Restricted gun license safety courses in Regina and Saskatoon, check out the list of upcoming classes here. 

RFGL Range Allows FMJ Rounds

A visit to the gun range closest to northwest Regina yielded an important takeaway: You can use your FMJ rounds at Condie, unlike in some previous years.

Regina Fish & Game League (aka Condie Gun Range, they go back to 1954 and have more recently run events like Project Mapleseed 2022 and First Shot clinics) range regulations do not prohibit the use of Full Metal Jacket ammunition any longer.

There are already bins for brass and steel cases located around the range at Condie to help make “brass sorting” easier, but in this instance we’re describing only the bullets rather than other components in the cartridge (primer, case, powder).

After speaking with some of the Range Officers on hand, they confirmed that FMJ ammunition is now welcome at the club. This is great news for students who have been looking for affordable ways to shoot, and offers our students a quick chance to learn about what Full Metal Jacket bullets are, and how/why they are different from more frangible hunting ammunition.