Dagan V
Dagan VInstructor, Operations Manager
Veteran instructor Dagan is also Operations Manager. Handling day-to-day activity at RGSL’s Regina classroom, he saves students time helping them accurately fill out government forms. His goal is to ensure smooth processing of paperwork later by the RCMP. Dagan studies sociology, poli sci, and social work at U-of-R.
Annie Q
Annie QInstructor
Our friendliest instructor explains Canada’s firearms laws and safety practices thoroughly to students. A U-of-R sociologist and ambassador for public safety in Saskatchewan, Annie’s goal is to always make every course a positive experience and to help students feel comfortable asking lots of questions.
Peter Q
Peter QMaster Instructor
His U-of-R sociology work focuses on police & citizen interactions. Peter always researches new Canadian tech and legal developments on everything that links firearms to public policy. His goal is for students leaving to know the most useful, informative, modern & responsible approaches to safe gun use.
Justin G
Justin GResearcher
Justin helps teach some of the math, science & energy behind projectile ballistics. He makes it easier for everyone to understand firearm physics, and the mechanics of how they work. Justin holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering.
Gregory Q
Gregory QChief Information Officer
Having an entrepreneurial and Computer Science background, Gregory is responsible for providing solutions that meet the breadth of development and project management to the team. He also maintains the RGSL.CA website, and keeps things clicking online.
Mike C
Mike CCommunications
Based in Vancouver, Mike convocated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from U-of-R. Mike monitors student feedback, iterating & developing strategic goals to ensure RGSL continually delivers the best courses possible. He collects local stats and data, analyzing current trends for the team.

Background, Origins & Purpose

Regina Gun Safety & Licensing was founded in 2012. Today, with a number of staff from a variety of backgrounds, our mission is to drive home points about gun laws and safety concepts during Canadian Firearm Safety Courses clearly and efficiently. “Safe, sensible shooting.”

RGSL teaches the Canadian Firearms Safety Course using real-world interesting examples that will make sure your learning isn’t boring – we help beginners and seasoned-veterans alike retain useful, safe shooting habits when leading Non-Restricted and Restricted courses – mandatory in Canada to get the PAL and RPAL respectively. Instructors use iterative, awesome teaching methods that aim to keep students engaged for the whole day. We use PowerPoint projectors, disabled training firearms/devices, and dummy ammunition of various calibres and gauges. With in-person how-to demonstrations and using relevant media articles/former case examples, instructors take plenty of time at our 1-day-long courses to more-fully cover handling exercises, testing, forms, and Q-and-A.

RGSL tries to ensure our students become safety ambassadors in recreational shooting communities in Saskatchewan (and across Canada). We want people to understand the regulations clearly, such that they can explain the often-confusing rules to others as well.

A person who comes to RGSL to get their gun license will certainly leave remembering that they operate in the wider context of the country/world we all live in. Many people aren’t comfortable around firearms, so it’s our collective responsibility as safe shooters to hold ourselves to a high, legal, safe set of standards when locking, transporting and using guns in Canada.

We have a strong focus on reducing the number of calls to police where firearms are involved – we know many costly calls for service can be prevented with a bit of common-sense on the part of the gun owner/user.

RGSL fully supports the RCMP and the Canadian Firearms Program. Prioritizing a social approach