Students Get Individual Tables; Courses Resume

You are not alone. COVID’s made 2020 rough.

It has been most of this calendar year since we’ve last seen you, but that wait is finally coming to an end!

Today, the CFO gave us their blessing to begin teaching again, so long as RGSL instructors maintain strict COVID-19 controls. Having been shut down since March, RGSL has a significant number of students backlogged so we’re planning a number of courses in Regina and Saskatoon that emphasize social distancing. We’re deploying additional safety measures, and we ask for your patience (as by now we’re all just trying to get through 2020 in one piece). Keep washing those hands, avoid touching your face, and please contact us to get on the waitlist if you haven’t already.

A significant number of courses will be posted to the home page shortly. We will try to contact students with next actions first. Many were also already scheduled for courses that health-orders scrubbed earlier in 2020. There’s a large volume of emails right now, so please hang tight and we’ll get to you ASAP.

Among the proactive classroom measures we are working on: 3-layer masks offered to students who don’t bring any, limiting courses to half as many students (every student gets their own table area for the day in our courses now), decontaminating guns and things people touch, Purell isopropyl alcohol, ground tape distance markings, and a louder sound system for when masks are necessary (hard-of-hearing and English-as-a-second-language students often rely unconsciously on lip reading). Basically everything is going to be different out of necessity, but we’ll make it all work.

“1. Personal space. 2. Personal space. 3. Stay out of my personal space. 4. Keep away from my personal space…” [Rick and Morty, 2015]

We also have been fielding questions about the new firearm prohibitions; these mostly need to be referred to the RCMP/Canadian Firearms Program as the nature of these particular emerging regulations mean we also currently have a lot of questions.

So even if you can’t see it behind our instructor-masks, we’ll be smiling. We’re happy to be back helping students succeed! We’re going to do our best to stay fun, light and engaging, while recognizing that things are going to be harder in so many random ways as we – together – sort out the pandemic-rules and new-gun-regulations. Keep being kind to everyone you meet in public, and we’ll keep proving Canadians and Saskatchewanians are stronger together. You are not alone, we are all in this fight together. ūüėäūü§ô

The regulations from the Sask CFO need to be followed carefully, and are posted for everyone to get familiar:

[July 8, 2020] Welcome Back CFSC and CRFSC Instructors,

 We are pleased to inform you that as of July 09/2020 you may resume providing the CSFC and CRFSC to students throughout the Province of Saskatchewan, ensuring you abide by the Government of Saskatchewan Covid 19 Workplace requirements.

This information will apply to all CFSC instructors in Saskatchewan until there is a change in requirement identified by the Saskatchewan Government and you will be notified accordingly by the CFO Office.

These restrictions are not optional under any circumstances. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action/or termination. In addition to the Government of Saskatchewan Guidelines: 

  1. Maximum 6 students per class. This requirement will be monitored for a one-month period.
  1. Masks are mandatory for students and instructors when social distancing cannot be maintained. 

          РAn example of this is the handling of a firearm during practical exams or in-class settings when the instructor is working closely with the student.

  1. Sanitize hands and disinfect firearms before and after each handling of the firearms- by both students and instructors.
  1. Instructors must ask the list of required questions, listed below, of each student before they register for classes/testing.

                   -Have you been out of province/country in the last 21 days?

                   -Have you had or do you have any signs of COVID-fever/cough/ shortness of breath?

                   -Have you or anyone in your immediate circle recovered from COVID?

  1. The CFO must be provided a list of students with course location and contact information prior to any proposed class. This will aid in tracking individuals should it be necessary due to illness.

Thank you very much for your understanding through this difficult time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me through: CFO_SK_Instructor CFO_SK_Instructor-CAF_SK_Moniteur

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your patience throughout this long process.

Regards, Bruce

P.S.: Just a reminder, all of the forms you require to run a class can be found on the thumb drive that has been sent to all instructors, so if we are not able to get your forms to you, you are able to produce whatever your need.  Thanks.

RCMP Canadian Firearms Program

310, 1783 Hamilton Street

Regina, SK S4P 2B6

RGSL complies with all directives from the CFO, RCMP, and government/support agencies in order to help keep Saskatchewan safe!

RGSL runs Non-Restricted and Restricted gun license safety courses in Regina and Saskatoon. Check out the list of upcoming classes at the homepage, after the second week in July.

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