Kodiak Defence WK180-C Recall

Kodiak Defence’s WK180-C is under recall in Canada as of May 2, 2019.

There is a safety recall underway for certain serial numbers of Kodiak Defence Inc. WK180-C rifles. The company reports the voluntary recall is due to a faulty bolt carrier. Some of the carriers can become brittle and break near guide rod holes. The recall notice indicates they know of 7 rifles with the issue as of the date of the release (May 2, 2019).

Kodiak Defense Inc., recently known for new Non-Restricted offerings like the WK180-C. The rifle, chambered in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington, has a barrel length of 18.7″ and an overlength of 36.7″. Accepting standard NATO mags, the rifle has a stock 1 in 8″ twist rate. This rifle weighs 7.2 lbs.

The release image regarding the recall, signed by a GM [transcribed as text as seen on May 2, 2019] on https://kodiakdefence.com/wk180c.php reads:

“Kodiak Defence Inc. is announcing a voluntary recall for the WK180C bolt carrier. This recall covers rifles produced from 21 Dec 18 – 30 Apr 19, with serial numbers ranging from CA-0949-18 to 19CA2246. Not all serial numbers within this range will be affected, however all affected customers are encouraged to follow the procedure below.

In an effort to improve our products, we began adding nitriding to the heat-treatment process used on our bolt carriers. This was done to enhance the long-term wear resistance of the bolt carrier, but has resulted in some bolt-carriers becoming brittle and breaking near the rear guide rod holes. At this time, we are aware of seven bolt carriers that have experienced this issue.

Any customer with a serial number in this range is encouraged to return his bolt carrier to us. Those which were nitrided will be replaced with a new one that has only been heat-treated. Those bolt carriers that were not nitrided will be returned to the customer with an inspection mark.

The previously announced upgrade for those concerned about their magnetic cocking handles is not covered under this recall, but is currently being tested. The procedure for this upgrade will be announced once the testing phase is complete.

Bolt carriers should be shipped to:

Kodiak Defence Inc.,
ATTN: BCG Recall
397 Holden Ave
Windsor, ON N8X 2W6

The following information must be included inside the package:

-Mailing address
-Rifle serial number
-Email address

Bolt carriers that user magnetic cocking handles which are not found to be nitrided will be returned to the customer by default, unless the customer indicates that he would like to pursue the threaded-in upgrade.

Kodiak Defence is committed to the highest quality standards and we wish to apologize to our customers affected by this recall. We are proud of the firearms that we manufacture and we will continue to stand behind them.

Steve Goulet
General Manager
Kodiak Defence Inc.

The WK180-C has been previously seen on the Cabela’s Canada website, and currently retails for ~$1100. Pre-orders are currently being sold on Wolverine Supply’s website. Gunsights aren’t included, but you would want to customize this gun in any case. The handguard free-floats and allows multiple accessories to be fitted to the 1913 rail.

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