77 Restricted/Prohibited Firearms Stolen in B&E

Storthoaks, SK Several personal items, one Restricted rifle, 27 Restricted handguns, 46 Prohibited handguns, and 3 Prohibited rifles, and an unknown quantity of ammo have all been stolen during a residential B&E in Saskatchewan's border country. Interestingly, no Non-Restricted firearms appear to have been taken in this incident, with all of the firearms involved being the regulatorily more-serious Restricted and Prohibited classes of guns.Prohibited firearms are rare in Canada, and [...]

RCMP: Only 2 Protection-of-Life ATC’s Active Canada-Wide

On November 8th, 2018, Reddit /r/CanadaGuns user /u/22lover/ posted his experience under the Access to Information Act with some interesting information for stats junkies."Months ago, a friend of mine had submitted an Access to Info request seeking the number of active permits to carry firearms for protection of life in Canada. Excluding wilderness workers, trappers, armoured car drivers, etc. He finally got this back last week. The number is two." The [...]