PSA: Store Firearms Carefully Against Theft & Use In Crime

[Saskatoon Police Service] Today the Saskatoon Police Service updated the public on the shootout in Saskatoon yesterday (Sept 27, 2017), in which a suspect opened fire and engaged responding units, firing what is being called an "improvised firearm" at police. From various videos on YouTube showing the incident, the firearm appears to have almost no visible receiver or action. Maybe the stock was completely chopped off an [...]

Hunters Should Prevent Grass Fires: Gov’t of SK

[Grass fire at Ring Road - Regina - Sept 3, 2017, by Sharon Gerein @ CBC News] Today (Sept 15, 2017) the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment sent out an email titled "Saskatchewan Fire Safety and Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance" to hunters already in their database: Dear hunter, Our records show that you have previously purchased a Saskatchewan hunting licence. If you plan to hunt this fall please read [...]