AR-15 80% Lower Receivers Now Prohibited: RCMP

[Displayed: 80% lower receiver for an AR-15]

Today the RCMP posted an article titled “Information on Receiver Blanks (80% Receivers)” on the Canadian Firearms Program’s site: RCMP/CFP link. Accessed at on June 14, 2017:

Receiver blanks are firearms as defined in Section 2 of the Criminal Code for the following reasons:

A receiver blank is a nearly complete receiver of a firearm and falls within the adaptability clause of the definition of firearm.
The manufacture of a receiver blank has proceeded to the point where it is no longer useful for any purpose other than the receiver of a firearm; receiver blanks are only destined to be firearm receivers.
Receiver blanks are available as separate components but are often sold as part of a kit, which includes the receiver blank plus the all necessary equipment and tools to complete the receiver and the spare parts to assemble the receiver into a working firearm. They can be classified as non-restricted, restricted or prohibited based on Section 84(1) of the Criminal Code. The most common in Canada are for Colt M1911, SIG 226 and Glock 17 pattern handguns (all restricted firearms); and receiver blanks for AK-47 and AR-15/M16 pattern rifles (both prohibited firearms).

When a receiver blank is inspected by the Canadian Firearms Program and determined to be a firearm, it will be published in the Firearms Reference Table (FRT).

Future import and retail sales of receiver blanks will be available only to individuals or businesses that have the appropriate firearms licence. Restricted and prohibited receiver blanks must be registered.

Affected products

The table below identifies many of the receiver blanks known to be in circulation. Variations of the products listed are possible. The classification listed in the table applies to the unmodified receiver blank. The classification of a firearm made from one of the receiver blanks may differ.

Make and model designation Classification of the unmodified receiver blank Remarks
AK-47 assault rifle Prohibited Many variations possible
AK-74 assault rifle Prohibited
AMD-63 assault rifle Prohibited Variation of the AK-47
AMD-65 assault rifle Prohibited Variation of the AK-47
AR-15 (M16) rifle Prohibited The receiver blank can be made into either an AR-15 rifle or an M16 assault rifle
Beretta 92 pistol Restricted
Beretta AR70 assault rifle Prohibited
Carl Gustav m/45 submachine gun Prohibited
CETME rifle Prohibited
Colt M1911 pistol Restricted Many variations possible
CZ 26 submachine gun Prohibited
FBP 9 submachine gun Prohibited
Galil assault rifle Prohibited
Glock pistol Restricted Many variations possible
HK 91 rifle Prohibited
HK G3 rifle Prohibited
KP 44 submachine gun Prohibited Similar to the PPS-43
Krinkov assault rifle Prohibited Variation of the AK-47
MG 42 light machine gun Prohibited
M249 light machine gun Prohibited
M3 (M3A1) “grease gun” submachine gun Prohibited
PKM machine gun Prohibited
PPS 43 submachine gun Prohibited
PPSH 41 submachine gun Prohibited
Ruger 10/22 Non-restricted
SIG P226 pistol Restricted
SIG P228 pistol Restricted
SIG P229 pistol Restricted
Sten Mark II submachine gun Prohibited
Sten Mark III submachine gun Prohibited
Sten Mark V submachine gun Prohibited
Steyr MPi-69 submachine gun Prohibited
Suomi submachine gun Prohibited
Swedish K submachine gun Prohibited Similar to Carl Gustav M/45
Tantal assault rifle Prohibited
Vz58 assault rifle Prohibited
Vz61 Scorpion submachine gun Prohibited Many variations possible
Yugoslavian M56 submachine gun Prohibited
Zastava M72 light machine gun Prohibited
For more information, please contact the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000.

Until today, some of these had been legal for sale in Canada. Looking at the list of affected firearms, the obvious standout is under “Make and model designation: AR-15 (M16) rifle. Classification of the unmodified receiver blank: Prohibited. Remarks: The receiver blank can be made into either an AR-15 rifle or an M16 assault rifle”. Most of the other lower receivers exist, but are presumed to be produced in much smaller quantities.

This means that existing merchants and owners of these receivers are now in possession of what the RCMP are interpreting as Prohibited weapons or devices, and so people who own these could stand to lose out financially, as well as the more-important potential for criminal ramifications. Reddit’s /CanadaGuns and /Canada both have numerous articles at the top of their respective subreddits today where posters are actively discussing the topic.

At this point in time RGSL does not have any other information other that what is contained on the website for the Canadian Firearms Program, and so we implore anyone with questions to call the RCMP at 1-800-731-4000 with their questions or comments.

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