Careless Gun Handling & Discharge

As illustrated by this example, when a gun goes off in a residential neighbourhood, it is treated very seriously. Today, RGSL learned of an incident wherein Regina Police were called to a residence on College Avenue to attend to a gun call. According to the Regina Police news release: August 29, 2016 Advisory, Firearms and Weapons related A 28 year-old Regina male has firearms charges and an October court [...]

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Fall 2016 Courses Added

With hunting season just around the corner, we have now added Non-Restricted and Restricted course dates for the Fall 2016 season. There are more Non-Restricted courses than usual, as hunters will require this class of PAL for rifles and shotguns. Click here to see the list of courses, and to register yourself over the internet! The cost of the courses will be the same as before for this season ($240 for [...]

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High-Capacity 10/22 Magazines Ruled Prohibited

August update on the 10/22 magazines: the new bulletin from the RCMP can be condensed to a new official understanding that any 10/22 magazine which has the capacity to hold more than 10 cartridges is considered a prohibited device. From the RCMP bulletin: "22 Long Rifle calibre magazines designed or manufactured for 10/22 platform rifles are also inherently designed or manufactured for 10/22 platform handguns. Because 22 Long Rifle calibre [...]

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