2 Instructors Complete Regina Police CPA Program

For the last few months, two RGSL instructors have been learning hands-on with the Regina Police Service through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and ride-alongs.

Peter and Annie attended Class No. 101 of the Citizens’ Police Academy with RPS. They were also fortunate enough to go on tours of the Headquarters, the Communications Centre, and Detention. They were able to see what the some of the different challenges and obstacles RPS faces each day are like.

The learning done in the CPA is relevant to the teaching a Canadian Firearms Safety Course instructor does day to day; a large part of the course is understanding that misbehaviour with firearms can elicit a very serious police response – all of us at RGSL do our best to train all students to avoid causing unnecessary calls for service to police.

Participants in the Citizens’ Police Academy gained insight as to how exactly our municipal police force operates, and learned details about a variety of units such as:

-Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT)
-Canine Unit
-Polygraph Unit
-Regina Integrated Drug Unit
-Cultural Community & Diversity Unit
-Media/Communications Unit
-Firearms Training
-Street Crimes Unit
-Commercial Crimes Unit
-“Dispelling Myths” presentation with the Crown Prosecutor’s Office
-School Resource Officers/11UI
-Underwater Recovery Team
-Patrol Unit
-Traffic Safety Unit
-Explosives Disposal Unit
-Crisis Negotiation Unit

Our instructors reported back that they had a blast, and they were super glad to have gotten the chance to see how the police operate from a new perspective. There is a lot to running a police force, and the CPA itself only covers brief segments of generalised police work.

For information about how you can get into the Citizens’ Police Academy, check out the Regina Police website at http://www.reginapolice.ca/get-involved/citizens-police-academy/. It’s free, and usually has a waitlist to get a spot. Students are drawn from all walks of life.

From all of us at RGSL: Thanks so much to RPS for all that you do!