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Bill C-42: New Course Guidelines

Bill C-42 (also known as the Common-Sense Firearms Licensing Act, 2015) has cleared the House of Commons and on the fast-track to becoming federal law, supplanting the older Bill C-68 (The Firearms Act, 1995) as the new document set to modernize some elements of firearms law in Canada.

The changes are important because, among other reasons, the Government of Canada has a stated intention that it wants to ensure that all shooters receiving a federal gun license (PAL) have been trained adequately before individuals get out to the range. The Government of Canada is therefore eliminating “challenge tests” as a testing option. RGSL will offer its last challenge session on June 18, 2015 in Regina.

Due to key provisions in Bill C-42, RGSL will halt the current combined-courses (Non-Restricted course with a Restricted challenge option delivered together in one day). Those students who have registered for one-day courses up to and including June 2015 courses will not be affected by the change.

As a result of the impending legislation, RGSL will no longer regularly offer private/group bookings due to new inherent logistical challenges.

All adults looking to receive their PAL will be mandated by the RCMP (who are in charge of enforcement of our firearms legislation and act through the Canadian Firearms Program) to take separate Non-Restricted and Restricted courses that furthermore can no longer be offered on the same day together. Students wanting both Non-Restricted and Restricted designations will need to attend both courses.

RGSL will begin offering these Non-Restricted courses (8 hours) and Restricted courses (6 hours) in July 2015, and will continue to offer students top-notch premium training at Cabela’s Regina, Cabela’s Saskatoon, and at our classroom in Regina. Courses will be available to register online here, and from our kiosk at Cabela’s Regina.

Other notable changes in the legislation include a streamlining of Authorization-to-Transport paperwork for Restricted and Prohibited license holders, as well as rolling roughly half a million Possession-Only Licenses (POLs) directly into Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PALs) in September 2015 when different coming-into-force provisions kick in.

Conservatives’ gun bill C-42 set to pass before Commons recess

RGSL complies with all directives from the CFO, RCMP, and government/support agencies in order to help keep Saskatchewan safe!

Cabela’s Regina has Tannerite!

In the RGSL classroom we’re always looking for neat gun stuff locally.

We’re happy to let people know that Cabela’s Regina has Tannerite exploding rifle targets!

For more about Tannerite, check out the video above.

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