Real-Looking Pellet Guns Cause Trouble

A story from a few months ago down in Colorado Springs, CO has our attention today at the RGSL Classroom.

According to KKTV 11 News, police there recovered a realistic-looking pellet gun from a student who allegedly pointed it at another student at Palmer High School during a fight.

After he was apprehended and the gun seized, an officer showed cameras how his own duty pistol was hard to tell apart from the pellet gun.


It’s hard to tell these two guns apart at first glance. Can you?

In recent years, pellet guns have been sold and marketed in Canada and the U.S. without the traditional “orange tip” that many have come to use as an identifying feature of a “toy” gun.

Here’s what the RCMP have to say about air guns (typically BB or Airsoft firearms). It’s worth a read, especially as some guns that look similar to real ones could be considered Prohibited-status! In the U.S. many Airsoft guns require the “orange tip”, but in Canada this isn’t a requirement.

Please remember that if a person (such as a police officer) is trying to determine whether you have a real gun or not, they will err on the side of caution for their own protection and for the protection of everyone else around; they’ll assume it’s the real thing until later on when it could already be a situation with irreversible consequences.

Stay street-smart out there, and make sure you don’t cause any sort of public safety scare with your own firearms – whether or not they’re “real”.

RGSL recommends keeping your firearms encased when in public spaces, and reminds everyone to comply with safe transport and storage laws (where applicable) for your own guns. Please don’t cause any sort of a public safety scare in your city or town!

Read on past the break for a text excerpt of the original story (credit to KKTV 11 News in Colorado Springs, CO. Story dated Feb 26, 2015).

Police recovered a realistic-looking BB gun from a student involved in a fight near Palmer High School late Wednesday morning.

An officer demonstrated just how authentic the BB gun looked by holding it up next to his own gun. The two were nearly indistinguishable to an untrained eye.

It certainly looked real to the crowd of students that had gathered when a fight broke out on the 300 block of North Wahsatch just before noon Wednesday. Panic erupted after a student pulled out what looked like a gun and aimed it at another boy involved in the fight.

Palmer High School went on lockdown and police began looking for the teen suspect. He was quickly tracked down to a McDonald’s on Wahsatch and Kiowa and taken into custody without incident. Police recovered his weapon and determined it was only a BB gun.

But according to one officer, who spoke to 11 News off camera, if he had seen the BB gun he would not have hesitated to fire his own weapon.

“If someone pointed that at you and you had a split second to make a decision, you’re not going to process whether it’s a BB gun or a real gun…it looks so real that absolutely officers would shoot someone if they had that weapon pointed at them.”

The 17-year-old Community Prep student faces felony menacing charges.

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