Student-Submitted Guns – March 23, 2015

Here are a couple neat finds sent in with initial thoughts on use from Dennis near Indian Head, Saskatchewan. These are some of his first guns. ISSC MK22 SCAR in .22LR, tan: "Pretty much made by Steyr, so they're good guns. Ammo is cheap, but you still get the semi-automatic function. Magazines and the gun itself are somewhat expensive. Recommend multiple magazines because each carries about 20 [...]

Seminar: Handgun Basics @ Krav Maga Regina

This past Friday evening, we were thrilled to present a seminar about handgun basics to a very attentive group of students at Krav Maga Regina. As three of our instructors have trained with Expert-Level KM Instructor Richard Kim at his gym in the past for combat training, they were eager to help out - for the night, the students became the teachers! Peter, Annie and Greg (in front of the [...]