Identifying Shotgun Shells

Shotguns can be tricky when you're first getting used to them. There's a lot to know, as people who are new to "scatter-gats" have a number of different dynamic factors to consider that you wouldn't think about in the world of rifles and handguns which fire simpler bullets. Taking a look at a picture of Winchester Elite shotgun shells at Cabela's, we can see that on the box we're [...]

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Student-Submitted Guns: British Army “Adams” Revolver

One of our recent students wanted to share a picture of one of their historical firearms with us - an old British Army Adams revolver. It was taken back to this province by a Saskatchewan soldier in 1942 to Canada from his deployment in Germany. These are not very common, and it seems this one has been kept in decent shape. Without further ado, here's a picture [...]

Valentine’s Day Blizzard

While southern Saskatchewan endured its most turbulent snowstorm so far this winter, Greg, Annie and Peter did their best to keep things warm during the 10-Hour Firearms Safety Course today at the Regina Cabela's. According to the nearby Regina airport's data from a mile down the Lewvan, officially the City of Regina received 8 centimetres of snow. At the end of the day, a check of the parking lot [...]

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Ladies Only Courses March 14 & March 28

Annie will be leading a "Ladies Only" 10-Hour Firearms Safety Course on March 14, 2015 at the Regina Cabela's. Spaces will be limited to ensure a quality experience for the ladies who come to take the course together. RGSL staff have written in support of gender equality measures in the past, and we always continue to push for more level gender and social playing fields as sociologists. [...]