Firearms Safety Course @ Cabela’s Saskatoon

RGSL is excited to partner with a second Cabela's location (in Saskatoon) to offer the Firearms Safety Course in the Bridge City on November 29th. Spots are limited to ensure every student has a great personal experience. We look forward to serving Saskatchewan's two largest cities on a go-forward basis!

Wild Boar in Saskatchewan

Recently, attention has been drawn to the problem of wild/feral boar roaming and breeding quickly throughout the prairies. As people get their gun licenses, they often ask us for more information on wild boar. Hunting boar in Saskatchewan requires only permission from the landowner or RM itself. Hunters must comply with all federal firearms regulations, as well as provincial and municipal laws regarding firearm use and hunting practices. In [...]

Hunting Season Firearms Safety Courses Added

RGSL has now added all remaining classes for 2014 with hunting season upon us. Be safe out on the hunt, and remember to wear bright orange to help other hunters identify you. *Image from Grand View Outdoors