Inventory Change: Mossberg 715T .22LR

UntitledRGSL has added a semi-automatic Mossberg 715T to our arsenal, chambered in .22LR.

The firearm will be disabled and added to courses to teach students about the differences between capacity limits on rimfire and centre-fire guns.

Before it has its firing pin taken out (and action rendered un-cycle-able), we took it to the Wascana Pistol Club to put some rounds down it. Our initial feel for the gun is that it does not compare well with more tried-and-true guns in its class like the Ruger 10/22. It feels very light and plastic-y, and the magwell/feed path grinds magazines hard… And it doesn’t help that the mazazine release is ambidextrous when it’s a huge pain to try to engage. Hopefully it doesn’t prove too fragile for normal training use.

Here is the Mossberg 715T “Plinkster” .22LR.